Case of the Mondays

  • My in-laws arrived Friday and it's been loads of fun but MIL passed out on Saturday morning and I thought she died so that was super scary. All the attention they are lavishing on Casey is sort of turning him into a spoiled monster but I'm not mad. That's what grandparents do.
  • My car is costing me an arm and a leg. Not only that but I found out that although Vehicular was at the shop all day on Friday, they are keeping it all day today and part of tomorrow. Awesome.
  • I'm officially debt free save for my student loan and a mortgage but need to take a loan from my 401K to pay for the car and the stuff we need to do to our apartment before we move out and the house before we move in. How does that work? Mo' money, mo' problems indeed.
  • I didn't get to watch any movies this weekend but we did get to go up to the Santa Ynez area for a wee road trip. We said hi to the tiny ponies, went wine tasting and finished up with beer tasting. Not too shabby for a Sunday.

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Andrea said...


My Mom has been here since Thursday and is leaving tomorrow.

So, dude, make sure you really, really, really need to take out the money from the 401k before doing so. If you can put it on a card and then pay that off quickly, I highly recommend that. OR make sure you put enough money aside to be prepared for the tax hit next year.

Learn this lesson from the woman that owes $5k in taxes due to this.