Movie Review Monday

This weekend we watched the Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. It's almost impossible to describe but makes for very interesting viewing. It is directed by an anonymous street artist named Banksy. At the beginning, it seems to focus on this Frenchman named Thierry Guetta who is obsessed with filming every aspect of his life. Thierry decides to dive into filming street artists who he sort of tricks into trusting him to tape them doing illegal things under the premise of him making a documentary. However, he really has no intention to do so; he just has an overwhelming desire to document everything on film which he will eventually stash in a storage closet never to be seen by him again.
He finally makes contact with the elusive Banksy and they establish a friendship. This happens after Banksy does an "exhibit" at Disneyland and Theirry gets arrested while filming it but doesn't rat him out. Later, Banksy encourages Thierry to become an artist as well and it just sort of goes from there. It's like a documentary within a documentary where you never really know who the documentary is really about. Feel me? I'm sure you've seen the Andre the Giant "OBEY" stickers (Frank Shepard Fairey) around town and that's the kind of street art they're focusing on. It's quite fascinating but by the end I couldn't tell if it was a hoax or a satire or the real deal. I recommend watching it so you can try to decide for yourself.

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Annalisa said...

wow Randi, that's soooo weird. I saw it on Sunday too! I had bought the film a few months ago and just put it in the DVD player on Sunday. I really loved it...especially the way the filmer became the subject matter and the questions it raises about "what is art?" and "what is talent?".

Cool that you guys watched it too.