The Good
  • St. Patrick's Day is always a good time especially when I get to pinch people that aren't wearing green. And it's probably good I can't go out drinking like I used to and I won't have a hangover tomorrow. Or barf tonight.
  • Quaker oatmeal square cereal with the hint of brown sugar is the best grownup cereal I have ever eaten and it supposedly lowers cholesterol.
  • I have been VERY GOOD about abstaining from candy since I gave it up for Lent last Wednesday. I had a Cadbury creme egg and three Hershey dark miniatures on Sunday because it was a freebie day but other than that I have been avoiding candy like the plague.
The Bad
  • Casey didn't sleep well last night so neither did I. I think his teeth are coming in so he cries while he sleeps and spits out his chupie but then can't sleep without the chupie. It's a conundrum.
  • From 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. he pooped thrice. I guess he didn't poop at all yesterday so he saved it all up for the dark early hours of the morning. One was sort of purple, the other one was red and the last was green. Little rainbow butt... file this one under ugly?
  • Even though I'm totally watching what I'm eating and abstaining from candy, I still weigh 200 lbs. Hopefully at least my cholesterol will be better. Meh.
The Ugly

My grandpa really hates being in the home. For months he was playing deaf and dumb, couldn't walk or stand on his own and was basically incontinent. Now he seems to have made some kind of miracle recovery and thinks my grandma put him in the home to spite him. He had a nice private room but tried to escape so they put him in a more secure part of the home with the Alzheimer patients so he says he's in a nuthouse. I took my grandma and the baby to go visit him yesterday and he was just nasty as all hell to us so we left after 5 minutes. As much as I love my grandpa and want to visit him so he isn't alone, I will not sit there and be abused. I'll try to go again with Casey on Friday - without his arch nemesis Gran - and see if acts any better. If not, I guess he'll just be alone. FUCKING SUCKS.


Coodence said...

That ugly is ugly, yo!

April said...

Poor grandpa! That really is a tough situation for you guys to be in. Hopefully he'll get over it and start being nicer.

Little rainbow butt? That made me LOL.