Stieg Larsson, RIP

Aside from watching the final Swedish movie and whatever American films made in the future, my relationship with Stieg Larsson has come to its end. Tuesday night, I finished The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I can say this about the author, he can spin a yarn. I think that one has to have a lot of patience while reading his books but ultimately, the payoff is very satisfying. The first book was a murder mystery, the second was a story of revenge and the third had a more political spin with a trial thrown in for good measure. I love that Larsson is so very detailed and thorough in his descriptions but not to the point of rambling. I used to read Dean Koontz and he was very guilty of over-the-top details like spending a paragraph describing the flowers on the side of the road. Um... not necessary or important to the plot line at all. Larsson is able to weave seamlessly through a myriad of characters and seems to be comfortable writing different genres. His premature and untimely death is truly a shame. I would have read his books as long as he published them, especially if they were about Salander and Blomkvist.
Over the weekend, I watched the Swedish film version of The Girl Who Played With Fire. This second movie sat well with me but the book was immeasurably better, in my humble opinion. This movie was incredibly graphic but not to the point of exploitation or sensationalism. Foreign films seem to be better at that than American films. It's also nice that the women in the Swedish films actually look like real people and not just Victoria Secret models. They just have a very real look and feel to them. My only complaint about the movies is that they aren't long enough. I suppose what I really mean by that is that the book is so very intricately detailed it is impossible to translate it to the screen to the point that I am satisfied with what is shown versus what I have imagined. I know there is no way to wholly reconcile the two and that is a shame. Larsson's work deserves that much.


Christine said...

There's an unsubstantiated rumour that Larsson's girlfriend had a hand in writing these books with him. There's also rumours that he had several other books written, or in the process of being written, so that other books might be published in the future. Although, there seems to be a lot of fighting going on over his estate, so it's unclear whether those publications will ever occur! There's a great article in the NYTimes on Larsson, if you're interested.

April said...

I have been worrying about you and Casey since I woke up and heard about the tsunamis.

I just want to let you know that there isn't a minute that's gone by since you guys weren't on my brain.

I hope you're safe. Please contact me whenever you have time to let me know that you're safe.

I heart you!