Movie Review Monday

During Oscar season, Entertainment Weekly does a lot of write-ups about movies that have been overlooked. One of the movies they focused on this past year was an Australian film called Animal Kingdom. In particular, they raved about one of the main characters played by Jacki Weaver. She's the mother hen of a group of misfit gangsters. Her sons are bank robbers and drug dealers and murderers and she is trying her best to keep the family together even though they are being killed off one by one by the Australian police force. The movie is filled with ODs and murders but, in my opinion, was a bit slow and hard for me to get into. I will say that Weaver's character is unlike any other I have seen portrayed on film. She can be as sweet as sugar one moment, playing the doting mother. The next moment, she's as cold as ice while taking steps to protect her sons at any cost. It's amazing how with the lift of one eyebrow, she looks as evil as any wicked witch in a Disney movie. I think as far as movies go this one has a very unique view on crime and how it affects a family. It was original and quite dark but I am not sure I can recommend it unless you are a real film buff.

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