Memories Light The Corner Of My Mind

I am absolutely horrible when it comes to remembering things like important dates. Actually, to be quite honest, I really don't have much of a memory at all. BFF once likened me to a goldfish and I like that analogy. My forgetfulness has its ups and downs. The ups are the constant surprises! The downs seem to be that I disappoint people when I can't remember the same things they do. It's not like those moments aren't special to me; I genuinely get excited when someone shares a memory of us that I've long since forgotten. I think I get this trait from my mother who to this day - almost 30 years later - still can't remember the year she had my brother. God bless her.
Because I am aware of my disability and do not want to forget a single thing about Casey, I have taken to writing a journal for him at the end of every day. Even if it isn't super monumental, I can have a memory of him for every day since the day he was born. I did this in lieu of a baby book because frankly I think the structures of baby books are outdated and boring. Who cares when he had his vaccinations or who was president? Look that shit up, lazy! Learn something about yourself!
But I digress. When Husband and I got married, our officiant gave us a leather bound journal. He had used the first few pages to write down our vows and the things he said at our wedding. This has been awesome to have and way better than an awkward video of the nuptials. We were supposed to use this as a journal to document important things in our life but we haven't been very consistent. Out of nowhere, I decided to research a time line to see just how long I have known the man I married. Here it is:

030506 - 1st time he commented on my blog.
082507 - 1st time he drove up to Oxnard to meet me face to face.
092807 - 1st time he met my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephew.
111707 - 1st time I went to visit him in San Diego.
041908 - 1st declaration of ourselves as an "official" couple
051008 - Engaged
102508 - 1st time I met his family in Michigan
052309 - Married
082410 - 1st time parents

Cute right? I could have never have dug up such specific dates without the assistance of the old blog and my flickr. Now I just need to go home and jot this in that leather bound journal so we can remind ourselves of the path we took that led us to fall in love.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Thank God for modern technology. It reminded me to that this coming Saturday will be FIVE years since the beginning of "us."


Coodence said...

Love it!!

Congrats you two!

I also remember when "Buzz" started commenting on your blog! I was like who's that?! Potential prospect?!


April said...

What a nice thing for your officiant to give you guys. That was a thoughtful present. And it's something I think I'll get for Joe and I after we get married. Although, we already have 3 years of memories I should probably try to document.

What I just realized is that I've been reading your blog for over 5 years! I don't know exactly how long, but DAMN that's a long time.

I'm terrible with remembering things as well. But only certain things. I'm great with faces and phone numbers, but dates? Terrible.