I'm not sure if it's because I am an adult closing in on my mid-thirties or if it's because I am now a mother and influencing an impressionable young mind, but I am becoming very aware of what I know. Ever since I was a kid, I have watched Jeopardy! almost religiously. I have always had a certain sense of pride because I happen to know a lot of obscure trivia and pop culture references. However, I am ashamed to admit that I know close to nothing about things that really matter like geography and history. Sure, I have traveled outside of the United States and I speak a foreign language, but there are times where I find myself ashamed of my lack of actual knowledge. I often feel much more street smart than book smart.
When I graduated this past spring, I felt a great sense of accomplishment because I am the first in my family to get a bachelor's degree even if it took me 15 years to do so. Don't get me wrong; I know that I am smarter than your average bear. I've always gotten good grades and have had a passion for reading that spans decades which has enabled my spelling and vocabulary to be exceptional. Since graduation, though, I found myself spending way too much time on facebook and gossip websites. Recently, I decided to limit the time I spend on such things and to focus more on reading actual books. Hence my obsession with the millennium trilogy.
At night I make it a point to watch a half hour of local news and a half hour of world news with Diane Sawyer prior to my Jeopardy! ritual so that I can actually say I know what is going on around me. I sort of expect the local news to cover the Charlie Sheen debacle because I live very close to Hollywood. California is the entertainment capital of the world after all. When I saw Diane Sawyer bringing me the gossip, though, I realized there was a problem. Charlie Sheen is not world news. He is a celebrity on a mediocre sitcom with a substance abuse problem and a history of abusing women. World news is Gadhafi and soaring gas prices, not Two and a Half Men.
Because of this most recent bout of outrage, also spurred by Lindsay Lohan and her antics, I have decided that in the future I am going to do my very best to avoid tabloids and gossip sites. If I am going to read, I want to walk away from my reading with usable, teachable information that I can pass on to my son. It is my goal to educate him and give him a passion for knowledge. I don't want him to feel that there is any importance in which celebretard got arrested and went to rehab. So for now, I have deleted my links to Perez Hilton and the like and I'll just go from there. This has become a matter of principle for me. I'm better than that. We all are.


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Yeah, I stopped reading/watching a lot of those a while ago. I've even found the local news drives me nuts (yes, Charlie Sheen is even on the Philly local news!). I thoroughly enjoy the Daily Show, and the usual NYTimes, NPR (radio and internets). I get the newspaper on the weekends, which is usually pretty good, and I've "friended" a couple news sources on FB, which links articles you might be interested in. Good luck!

Coodence said...

Congrats, Ho! Thought, TMZ might go under without your support so you might want to think about the children. Of the TMZ editors I mean.