Casey Tuesday

Casey is 31 weeks old today and it is the first week of his seventh month. Here is the link to his 7-month portrait sitting at JC Penney. Our little boy is getting a mind of his own because this was one of the more difficult sessions. He didn't want to sit or stand or smile, frankly. He did want to poop the second we arrived and did want to spit up halfway through though! Hence the costume change. I swear it was like his 1-month sitting all over again.
I sent Husband to Babies R Us on Friday to grab some khakis to go with that dapper new big boy shirt and he came back with those sunglasses. Husband has been wanting to put sunglasses on him for a while so kudos to him for making it this far without them. I do have to admit that I have never seen anything cuter than Casey in sunglasses.
So, I guess "mama" isn't as much fun to say as "dada" because he hasn't said it in about a week. Everything is dada. If he stands up, it's "ah dee dee dada" which pretty much sounds like "I did it, dada!" Or maybe I'm just imagining things. Either way, he much prefers standing over sitting and tummy time. We're trying to encourage him to crawl by putting toys out of his reach but why we're encouraging a tiny terror to move on his own fruition is beyond me. Kiyah sort of spazzes out when we "walk" him past her and I think she's probably awaiting the horrors of a mobile baby as well.
Also special on this Casey Tuesday? Britney's new release Femme Fatale (suckit, April!) and Tangled on DVD. In the infamous words of Ice Cube, "today was a good day."


April said...

He looks schnazzy in his sunglasses! Lovin' the new pics as always! There's one where he has this face that cracked me up. He's looking at the camera like, "Are you talkin' to me?"

Suckit? Britney can suckit with her awful nasally make my ears bleed voice! But I'm still going to take you with me if I win! =)

Christine said...

I love the glasses! LOVE THEM!!!

Coodence said...

I love the glasses, too!