Casey Tuesday

Casey is 30 weeks old today. It's the 4th week of his 6 month. On Thursday the 24th he will be 7 months old. He's had a lot of firsts lately: haircut, carrot, sippy cup. As you can see, he likes to hold his own spoon during feeding time as well. That high chair has sure given him some confidence. We've been feeding him bits and pieces of our dinner and he hasn't choked yet so I just wanted to give myself a little kudos there. Still no teeth breaking through but they're there. After his bath on Sunday night, he rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time even though we've been trying that routine forever. He says dada and mama nonstop but my favorite thing is how he whispers those things when we're quiet. There was a bit of an uproar over his first haircut but really it was just more of a trim to get him all evened up since he is practically bald in the back from rubbing his head back and forth. Also, those sides were just going wild. Since then his curls are even curlier and he's even cuter than he was before. Naturally we saved some of the curls in a wee envelope. I won't lie, I was sad seeing them clipped off. It was a bit of a Samson and Delilah moment. We were going to wait a year but if we had done that he would have looked like a dirty hippie.


Coodence said...

He's getting so grown up!! Congrats on the feeding pieces of dinner dude! Such a milestone.

Christine said...

You forgot to update us on Casey's progress in Geometry - I thought he was moving on to Br. William's puzzles in pre-Calculus last week, right?


April said...

Look at the big boy using his spoon! So smart and just as cute as can be.

I was dating this guy when Ethan was about 1 and his parents were watching Ethan for me one night because my sitter had canceled. When I got off of work and picked him up, they had cut his fucking hair! It was his first hair cut! I was so pissed. Why would they think they could cut my son's hair without asking me? UGH.