Casey Tuesday

Casey is 28 weeks old today. It's the 2nd week of his 6th month. Husband is predicting he will be left-handed because that is the hand he exclusively uses to touch himself "down there." However, he does most things with his right hand so I think using the left hand to cup his junk is just to keep things different.Variety is the spice of life after all. Just curious, what do other moms call their son's penis? My brother called it his doo-dong.
This past weekend we got him all dressed up in his Detroit Tigers gear (courtesy of his Michigananian Uncle K) and we took him to his cousin Ethan's first tee-ball game. I have to keep reminding Casey that if anyone asks what the D stands for it's Douglas (his middle name and his Grandpa's name). I can't believe I let him rep anything other than Dodger gear.
In other news, lying down is for losers. He wants to be seated upright at all times, especially in his car seat where the default position is reclined. Strapping him down makes him fuss every time. His appetite is also growing by leaps and bounds. When he sees his bowl and his spoon his mouth opens instantly. It's very Pavlovian. Splashing in the bath is the best thing ever. So is being barefoot and bare-bottomed. Good times.


Coodence said...

I love Casey Tuesdays!!! I need to make a shirt.

Sassy said...

Barefoot and bare bottomed is the way to be.

We've always just called it penis. Occassionally we call it his junk, jibbles,or his bits, but mostly just penis :)

My friends boy calls it his "bird" and my brother called it his no-no but that got awkward around the italian friends/family!

April said...

I second what Coodence said! I'd totally buy a shirt with Casey's cute face on it. There'd be a caption like, "Friday's rep'n Tuesdays like a champ!" Or something cute and cheezy like that.

I called it a weener and penis. But mostly weener. Even now he calls it his weener. But his testicles were always his balls.