Casey Tuesday

Casey is 27 weeks old today, the 1st week of his 6th month of life. He's over his cold and hasn't thrown up on me since last Friday. Life is good. I told Husband I'd start putting Casey in his crib at night starting at 6 months and yesterday was sort of Day 1. He fell asleep in my arms on the couch at around 8 so I put him in his crib. It was weird falling asleep in my bed without him curled up against me. Then at 11 o'clock he woke up screaming. Apparently being alone isn't his bag. I brought him into the bed with me and he slept there til morning. I guess we'll try again tonight.
Casey's big on being in the standing position. If Husband holds his hands he'll even put one foot in the front of the other like he's walking. Since he loathes tummy time and instantly rolls over to avoid it I have a feeling he's just going to go straight to walking. My brother did that and was walking by 9 months old. God help me if that's what is in store. Casey is also in the "lunge forward" stage of his life so there have been a few face plants this week. He can also sort of scoot his booty to get closer to something out of his reach. The kid knows what he wants and will get it come hell or high water. Hooray.

His 6-month portrait session can be seen here.


Coodence said...

Those face plants are super dramatic, yo. I wish my whole floor was made of rubber. Alas, it is hard wood.

April said...

Yeah, face plants scare the bejebus out of ya! This past Sunday, my ex's baby did one into the bleachers during Ethan's wrestling tournament. I almost cried when I saw it happen.

And OMG THOSE PICTURES!! I kept saying, "Awww, that's my favorite!" but the I'd see another one and say, "Aww, no that's my favorite!" and then again and again. I have like 10 favorites! He's such a little ham, just cheezin' for the camera. LOVE IT!

Sassy said...

So many cute pics to pick one as a favourite!! He's got the cutest smile ever!!