Casey Tuesday by Numbers

  • Casey is 29 weeks old today and it is the 3rd week of his 6th month.
  • He had his checkup at the doctor last Friday and he weighs 17 lbs, 15 oz (46%) and is 26-3/4" long (48%).
  • His head is about 17" around and is in the 77th percentile. It makes me laugh when I realize the diameter of his head is only 9 inches shorter than the length of his entire body.
  • He had 4 vaccines: 1 oral and 3 in the legs. He only cried for a short while. So brave!
  • Over the weekend he had his 1st graham cracker (we also tried banana slices unsuccessfully) and is gradually going to start eating what Husband and I eat. I never knew what the word "messy" meant before now.
  • The high chair he is now using is the very same high chair I used as a wee one so that makes it almost 34 years old.
  • Casey came with Husband & me on his 1st hike to Rose Valley where we got to cross streams and sit under a water fall. Hiking with an almost 18 lb. baby on your chest is as hard as it sounds. Pictures here.
  • He also went to his cousin's 2nd tee ball game and the 2nd visit to the old folks' home where his great-grandpa is living.
  • Casey has also discovered how to say "mama" and says it about 100 times in a row. It is, without a doubt, the cutest thing he has done so far in this Mama's opinion.


Jessica said...

He's so cute! I want to squeeze him.

Coodence said...

What fun!! Tell me how the food goes!

Christine said...

I hope you have a dustbuster :)
And, the head circumference - that's all you, mama! LOL

Sassy said...

Hahaha no worry about the mess. let the dog at it!
I was always amazed at how messy the floor around where he was eating got when we were out visiting some place...made us appreciate the hoover we call Cooper a lot more! Less for momma to pick up!

April said...

He's growing so fast! And of course is such a cutie pie! Your dog is gorgeous, too! I loved the short video on your Flickr account. It was sweet at the end we he said, "Love you guys!"

Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama. HAHA! Love it!