Bateman Double Feature

As much as I think Entertainment Weekly is sort of a crap magazine, I do find it a useful resource tool. Mostly, I use it to update my Netflix and to add potential books I'd like to read to my Amazon wish list. The other day there was a mention of The Switch and how though it bombed at the box office, it was worthwhile giving it a second chance. I can honestly say I really enjoyed this movie but I think the reason it didn't do well in the theaters is because it was marketed as a comedy. Personally, I found this to be pretty adult subject matter and not very funny at all. But it had heart. It also had me crying at the end because it's very family oriented. Husband wasn't a fan of Jennifer Aniston's character but I found her to be very much your average woman. Jason Bateman is an adorable neurotic and the boy who plays their son was not annoying which really says something. Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum were great as the best friends. All in all, an enjoyable movie as long as you don't go into it expecting a comedy.

We made it to the theater this weekend to see Paul. How I didn't even know this was out or even being made is beyond me because I am a big fan of the Frost/Pegg movies but thanks once again goes to Entertainment Weekly. Paul starts out kind of slow and meandering and I will admit I wondered more than once where it was going. It's a buddy movie where two Brits are checking out alien hot-spots in the US and they stumble upon the alien, Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen). In the middle it turns into a pretty wild chase movie and really had me on the edge of my seat. It's also hilarious and peppered with some pretty foul language. There's a nice Jane Lynch cameo, Bateman plays a bad-ass and the adorable Kristen Wiig is amazing as a naive Christian learning to curse. There are so many WONDERFUL cast members that I will refrain from naming them all here but they are all a very pleasant surprise. When we left the theater quite satisfied with our viewing experience, Husband said that movie had to be tired from winking. I didn't understand what that meant but he explained it "winked" at every sci-fi alien movie we had ever seen. I never knew what a dork I was before watching Paul but I love me some aliens.

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Andrea said...

I watched "The Switch" on Friday night and it had me crying like a baby. Granted I'm on my period so I was likely going to cry even if it was a comedy, but I found myself enjoying it way more than I thought I would.

And you already know I enjoyed "Paul" immensely.