Casey Tuesday

Casey is 31 weeks old today and it is the first week of his seventh month. Here is the link to his 7-month portrait sitting at JC Penney. Our little boy is getting a mind of his own because this was one of the more difficult sessions. He didn't want to sit or stand or smile, frankly. He did want to poop the second we arrived and did want to spit up halfway through though! Hence the costume change. I swear it was like his 1-month sitting all over again.
I sent Husband to Babies R Us on Friday to grab some khakis to go with that dapper new big boy shirt and he came back with those sunglasses. Husband has been wanting to put sunglasses on him for a while so kudos to him for making it this far without them. I do have to admit that I have never seen anything cuter than Casey in sunglasses.
So, I guess "mama" isn't as much fun to say as "dada" because he hasn't said it in about a week. Everything is dada. If he stands up, it's "ah dee dee dada" which pretty much sounds like "I did it, dada!" Or maybe I'm just imagining things. Either way, he much prefers standing over sitting and tummy time. We're trying to encourage him to crawl by putting toys out of his reach but why we're encouraging a tiny terror to move on his own fruition is beyond me. Kiyah sort of spazzes out when we "walk" him past her and I think she's probably awaiting the horrors of a mobile baby as well.
Also special on this Casey Tuesday? Britney's new release Femme Fatale (suckit, April!) and Tangled on DVD. In the infamous words of Ice Cube, "today was a good day."


Bateman Double Feature

As much as I think Entertainment Weekly is sort of a crap magazine, I do find it a useful resource tool. Mostly, I use it to update my Netflix and to add potential books I'd like to read to my Amazon wish list. The other day there was a mention of The Switch and how though it bombed at the box office, it was worthwhile giving it a second chance. I can honestly say I really enjoyed this movie but I think the reason it didn't do well in the theaters is because it was marketed as a comedy. Personally, I found this to be pretty adult subject matter and not very funny at all. But it had heart. It also had me crying at the end because it's very family oriented. Husband wasn't a fan of Jennifer Aniston's character but I found her to be very much your average woman. Jason Bateman is an adorable neurotic and the boy who plays their son was not annoying which really says something. Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum were great as the best friends. All in all, an enjoyable movie as long as you don't go into it expecting a comedy.

We made it to the theater this weekend to see Paul. How I didn't even know this was out or even being made is beyond me because I am a big fan of the Frost/Pegg movies but thanks once again goes to Entertainment Weekly. Paul starts out kind of slow and meandering and I will admit I wondered more than once where it was going. It's a buddy movie where two Brits are checking out alien hot-spots in the US and they stumble upon the alien, Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen). In the middle it turns into a pretty wild chase movie and really had me on the edge of my seat. It's also hilarious and peppered with some pretty foul language. There's a nice Jane Lynch cameo, Bateman plays a bad-ass and the adorable Kristen Wiig is amazing as a naive Christian learning to curse. There are so many WONDERFUL cast members that I will refrain from naming them all here but they are all a very pleasant surprise. When we left the theater quite satisfied with our viewing experience, Husband said that movie had to be tired from winking. I didn't understand what that meant but he explained it "winked" at every sci-fi alien movie we had ever seen. I never knew what a dork I was before watching Paul but I love me some aliens.


March's Last Haiku Friday

Michigan in June
My brother-in-law's wedding
I am the emcee
Then in October
Miss Crusty will wed as well
I am the matron
It's hard to believe
Two months from this past Wednesday
Married for 2 years


The Good
  • Casey is 7 months old today!
  • Yesterday both my grandparents turned 86 years old.
  • Husband will be home tonight and aside from a side trip to Washington will be home for 2 weeks.
  • Crusty mentioned me in the dedication page of her thesis and that was a nice warm fuzzy.
The Bad
  • Our weekend trip to Tehachapi got canceled because our host has the flu.
  • Having to visit my Grandpa in the nursing home a day late to wish him a happy birthday.
  • The margarita last night seems to have brought on a headache today.
The Ugly
  • Carriage Square shopping center was leveled over the weekend.
  • Wagon Wheel is next.
  • The weather outside.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Have I told you about the asthmatic pigeons that live in the archway in between the windows of my room and Casey's room? Yeah. They don't coo or make pretty bird sounds. They wheeze and hack and grunt and groan. They're awful and we've been trying to get rid of them since we moved in almost three years ago; not only because of the sound but because they shit all over our place. The landlord put spikes on the arches to discourage them from sitting there but the damn things made their nest their anyway. See? All that poop buildup is just an added bonus.

That's basically the scene to the left outside my son's window. Every morning when I hear those winged beasts of death moaning, I bang on the window and they fly away. Well on Monday morning I did that and the glass shattered, apparently either weakened by the repeated banging or overcome by my immense strength. See?

Yeah. I did that. And my pinkie paid for it. See?

It's always nice to start a Monday off by making hamburger out of your fingers. I told my landlord about the incident and they didn't really say I had to pay for the window myself but they didn't say they were paying for it either. Later I found out that they weren't going to and Husband called and threatened to report them to the health department because that fecal matter all over our home is sort of in violation. Vermin. At lunch time I went home and spent 2 hours waiting for the window repair guy to fix the window. During that time I started to get pretty heated and I sent off pictures of pigeon poop and this one of the bad window along with the letter below:

I thought I would attach these pictures of your decomposing windows and the pigeon fecal matter outside my 6-month old baby's window. Nice isn't it? Not only that, but I have an injury on my finger thanks to the cheap glass that was as old as the building that happened to shatter when I tapped on the window to scare away said pigeons. If you'd like to see a picture of that, let me know and I can forward that as well. I find it appalling to know that I pay $100 more a month than all 3 of the other tenants in this building and am still being held financially responsible for the replacement of a faulty window. I have never in all my life put my hand through a window at any other time so I'm positive I did not develop extraordinary strength. This building - currently attempting to be sold by you - has a termite problem as well. The garage door is practically falling apart and I wouldn't be surprised if the termites haven't gotten to the furniture we have stored out there. The paint in the upstairs bathroom is peeling and I'm pretty sure there is mold growing around our window because there is no ventilation in the bathroom unless we have that window open. Our carpets are in terrible condition and no matter how frequently I vacuum - often more than once a week - they are still as stained and torn as the day I moved in here. I won't even begin to comment on the linoleum in the kitchen. We have a bathroom faucet on our kitchen sink for goodness sakes! The screens have holes in them and our mini blinds are in terrible condition. In other words, this building is in dire need of repair. In the close to three years we have been tenants here, I have hardly contacted you on issues aside from the termites, the pigeons and the disintegration of another faulty window a few months ago. It would have been a nice gesture on behalf of your property management team to extend an offer to replace the window that shattered this morning. Instead, money is coming out of my own pocket to repair it and I'm being deducted time out of the office to handle it myself. I can only say that the end of June can't come fast enough so we can vacate this apartment and leave you with the extensive repairs that should have been done long before you took over this property for (name withheld). It would be greatly appreciated if someone could contact me immediately.

I had been calling all morning and got no real response or resolution. I sent off that email and they called me within seconds. They were at my apartment less than 5 minutes after that call ended to do a property inspection and offered to take care of the cost of the window. The landlord said "You like to express yourself in writing don't you?" to which I responded "Yes because then I have documentation" which I think is code for "I could sue your ass."

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Charlie Sheen ain't got nothing on this sleep-deprived, hormonal mother of a letter writer when it comes to crazy... but it gets the job done! So does the Friday full court press that Husband and I put on the rental agency. Go Team!


Casey Tuesday

Casey is 30 weeks old today. It's the 4th week of his 6 month. On Thursday the 24th he will be 7 months old. He's had a lot of firsts lately: haircut, carrot, sippy cup. As you can see, he likes to hold his own spoon during feeding time as well. That high chair has sure given him some confidence. We've been feeding him bits and pieces of our dinner and he hasn't choked yet so I just wanted to give myself a little kudos there. Still no teeth breaking through but they're there. After his bath on Sunday night, he rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time even though we've been trying that routine forever. He says dada and mama nonstop but my favorite thing is how he whispers those things when we're quiet. There was a bit of an uproar over his first haircut but really it was just more of a trim to get him all evened up since he is practically bald in the back from rubbing his head back and forth. Also, those sides were just going wild. Since then his curls are even curlier and he's even cuter than he was before. Naturally we saved some of the curls in a wee envelope. I won't lie, I was sad seeing them clipped off. It was a bit of a Samson and Delilah moment. We were going to wait a year but if we had done that he would have looked like a dirty hippie.


Movie Review Monday

During Oscar season, Entertainment Weekly does a lot of write-ups about movies that have been overlooked. One of the movies they focused on this past year was an Australian film called Animal Kingdom. In particular, they raved about one of the main characters played by Jacki Weaver. She's the mother hen of a group of misfit gangsters. Her sons are bank robbers and drug dealers and murderers and she is trying her best to keep the family together even though they are being killed off one by one by the Australian police force. The movie is filled with ODs and murders but, in my opinion, was a bit slow and hard for me to get into. I will say that Weaver's character is unlike any other I have seen portrayed on film. She can be as sweet as sugar one moment, playing the doting mother. The next moment, she's as cold as ice while taking steps to protect her sons at any cost. It's amazing how with the lift of one eyebrow, she looks as evil as any wicked witch in a Disney movie. I think as far as movies go this one has a very unique view on crime and how it affects a family. It was original and quite dark but I am not sure I can recommend it unless you are a real film buff.


ABC Haiku Friday

'Eigh Bee Sea Dee Eee
Eff Gee Eightch Eye Jay Kay Elle
Em En Oh Pee Cue
Are Ess Tea You Vee
Double-You Ex Why and Zee
And now you know your...
Sang that song last night
Twenty-five times in a row
To soothe a teether



The Good
  • St. Patrick's Day is always a good time especially when I get to pinch people that aren't wearing green. And it's probably good I can't go out drinking like I used to and I won't have a hangover tomorrow. Or barf tonight.
  • Quaker oatmeal square cereal with the hint of brown sugar is the best grownup cereal I have ever eaten and it supposedly lowers cholesterol.
  • I have been VERY GOOD about abstaining from candy since I gave it up for Lent last Wednesday. I had a Cadbury creme egg and three Hershey dark miniatures on Sunday because it was a freebie day but other than that I have been avoiding candy like the plague.
The Bad
  • Casey didn't sleep well last night so neither did I. I think his teeth are coming in so he cries while he sleeps and spits out his chupie but then can't sleep without the chupie. It's a conundrum.
  • From 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. he pooped thrice. I guess he didn't poop at all yesterday so he saved it all up for the dark early hours of the morning. One was sort of purple, the other one was red and the last was green. Little rainbow butt... file this one under ugly?
  • Even though I'm totally watching what I'm eating and abstaining from candy, I still weigh 200 lbs. Hopefully at least my cholesterol will be better. Meh.
The Ugly

My grandpa really hates being in the home. For months he was playing deaf and dumb, couldn't walk or stand on his own and was basically incontinent. Now he seems to have made some kind of miracle recovery and thinks my grandma put him in the home to spite him. He had a nice private room but tried to escape so they put him in a more secure part of the home with the Alzheimer patients so he says he's in a nuthouse. I took my grandma and the baby to go visit him yesterday and he was just nasty as all hell to us so we left after 5 minutes. As much as I love my grandpa and want to visit him so he isn't alone, I will not sit there and be abused. I'll try to go again with Casey on Friday - without his arch nemesis Gran - and see if acts any better. If not, I guess he'll just be alone. FUCKING SUCKS.


Di No A Las Drogas

This was the scene across the street from my babysitter's house this morning. There were at least 6 more cop cars lining the streets and nary a place to park. I ended up parking near the curb diagonally to drop Casey off with the permission of one of the officers. One of the officers, mind you, who had a gun the size of his leg drawn. I'm always fascinated by scenes like this because they seem to be right out of one of my TV programs. Per Maria, this morning at 7 a.m., three people were arrested. She believes it is because they were selling drugs. Her daughter couldn't leave the house on time for work because of the policemen blocking the driveway. I asked her if she was afraid and she said yes. I told her not to be; the policemen were there so she'd be safe. I jokingly thought to myself what a great mother I was to be dropping off my son in what looks to be the center of a war zone. The truth is, though, no matter the neighborhood, this sort of shit is going on everywhere. People might think that because they live in an affluent area they'll be able to avoid crime, but I don't think criminals hold any prejudices. We don't really know what goes on behind closed doors, or next door for that matter. Do I feel any less safe leaving Casey with Maria with this going on right outside? No. If I lived with that kind of fear, I'd need a much heavier dose of Prozac. I'm pretty sure bad things are as likely to happen at our house as they are to happen at Maria's.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: "Insisting on absolute safety is for people who don't have the balls to live in the real world." - Mary Shafer, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center


Casey Tuesday by Numbers

  • Casey is 29 weeks old today and it is the 3rd week of his 6th month.
  • He had his checkup at the doctor last Friday and he weighs 17 lbs, 15 oz (46%) and is 26-3/4" long (48%).
  • His head is about 17" around and is in the 77th percentile. It makes me laugh when I realize the diameter of his head is only 9 inches shorter than the length of his entire body.
  • He had 4 vaccines: 1 oral and 3 in the legs. He only cried for a short while. So brave!
  • Over the weekend he had his 1st graham cracker (we also tried banana slices unsuccessfully) and is gradually going to start eating what Husband and I eat. I never knew what the word "messy" meant before now.
  • The high chair he is now using is the very same high chair I used as a wee one so that makes it almost 34 years old.
  • Casey came with Husband & me on his 1st hike to Rose Valley where we got to cross streams and sit under a water fall. Hiking with an almost 18 lb. baby on your chest is as hard as it sounds. Pictures here.
  • He also went to his cousin's 2nd tee ball game and the 2nd visit to the old folks' home where his great-grandpa is living.
  • Casey has also discovered how to say "mama" and says it about 100 times in a row. It is, without a doubt, the cutest thing he has done so far in this Mama's opinion.


Movie Review Monday

Because I am nothing if not thorough, I watched The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest on Netflix this weekend. I have to say, this was my least favorite of the movies. The book had so many things going on that it would have been impossible to condense them all into an interesting movie. Salander is mostly confined to the hospital or a courtroom. The rest of the time, Blomkvist is uncovering the secret section of the Swedish police and Berger is starting over at another magazine with the added thrill of a stalker. There's nothing too visual about any of it. It's just a lot of investigative work. I will say, however, that the movie version tried very hard to do justice as an adaptation. I'm comfortable bidding this trilogy adieu. It has been my focus for weeks and now it is over. Ultimately, I hope the family and former girlfriend of Larsson figure out their differences and release his works in progress. I think it's tragic that greed can keep great stories from going public. I think I might go on hiatus for a bit with the book reading. I have several issues of Entertainment Weekly that I need to catch up on and I'm afraid that nothing will be able to hold my interest like the Millennium Trilogy did. Not for a while at least.


Tsunami Haiku Friday

No need to worry
All my friends across the states
We are safe and sound
Tsunami warnings
Brought worry two years ago
Hubby, Hawaii
We just got big waves
No mass destruction or deaths

The news breeds panic


Stieg Larsson, RIP

Aside from watching the final Swedish movie and whatever American films made in the future, my relationship with Stieg Larsson has come to its end. Tuesday night, I finished The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I can say this about the author, he can spin a yarn. I think that one has to have a lot of patience while reading his books but ultimately, the payoff is very satisfying. The first book was a murder mystery, the second was a story of revenge and the third had a more political spin with a trial thrown in for good measure. I love that Larsson is so very detailed and thorough in his descriptions but not to the point of rambling. I used to read Dean Koontz and he was very guilty of over-the-top details like spending a paragraph describing the flowers on the side of the road. Um... not necessary or important to the plot line at all. Larsson is able to weave seamlessly through a myriad of characters and seems to be comfortable writing different genres. His premature and untimely death is truly a shame. I would have read his books as long as he published them, especially if they were about Salander and Blomkvist.
Over the weekend, I watched the Swedish film version of The Girl Who Played With Fire. This second movie sat well with me but the book was immeasurably better, in my humble opinion. This movie was incredibly graphic but not to the point of exploitation or sensationalism. Foreign films seem to be better at that than American films. It's also nice that the women in the Swedish films actually look like real people and not just Victoria Secret models. They just have a very real look and feel to them. My only complaint about the movies is that they aren't long enough. I suppose what I really mean by that is that the book is so very intricately detailed it is impossible to translate it to the screen to the point that I am satisfied with what is shown versus what I have imagined. I know there is no way to wholly reconcile the two and that is a shame. Larsson's work deserves that much.



This is a picture of my Grandpa meeting my son for the first time. Shortly before this was taken, I worried that my Grandpa might not live to see Casey born. When they actually met, I was awash in emotion and so grateful for the moments we had left together. Here it is, six months later, and Grandpa is still with us but his health is rapidly deteriorating. On Sunday, we moved him into a nursing home not far from where we live. This process was set in motion a long time ago so you would have thought we'd all be used to the idea by the time it happened. Grandpa, however, is suffering from a little bit of dementia and didn't really process the fact that he was going anywhere. He was genuinely surprised when we picked him up. We got him into his room and I gave him a framed picture of Casey for his nightstand. We unpacked his things and got him settled. The entire ride home, I cried. The next day, he asked my Gran when he'd be able to come home. I can't imagine how hard it was for her to tell him the words "never" and "this is your home now." I'm still not sure how to cope with all of this. I know that my priorities have changed and I have made a commitment to visit him as often as I am able. I know the joy Casey brings him and I want them to have as much time together as they can before it's too late. I feel like I failed somehow by not visiting my Grandpa more when he was at home, just a little over a mile from I live. I get scared thinking about how much longer he has. I wonder if being away from my Gran will break his heart. I worry about how she will do without having him as a purpose. She was his caretaker for so long and now all she has is free time. At night I go to sleep and my mind instantly goes to my Grandpa, in what is basically a hospital, going to sleep alone for the first time in decades. The whole situation just has my mind reeling. I don't even know how to put it into words. Suddenly I'm overcome with nostalgia about playing "alley" with him, his dirty jokes and witty comebacks, all his charm. He's my lucky 7.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Cherish the ones you love because the time you have with them goes by far too quickly.


Casey Tuesday

Casey is 28 weeks old today. It's the 2nd week of his 6th month. Husband is predicting he will be left-handed because that is the hand he exclusively uses to touch himself "down there." However, he does most things with his right hand so I think using the left hand to cup his junk is just to keep things different.Variety is the spice of life after all. Just curious, what do other moms call their son's penis? My brother called it his doo-dong.
This past weekend we got him all dressed up in his Detroit Tigers gear (courtesy of his Michigananian Uncle K) and we took him to his cousin Ethan's first tee-ball game. I have to keep reminding Casey that if anyone asks what the D stands for it's Douglas (his middle name and his Grandpa's name). I can't believe I let him rep anything other than Dodger gear.
In other news, lying down is for losers. He wants to be seated upright at all times, especially in his car seat where the default position is reclined. Strapping him down makes him fuss every time. His appetite is also growing by leaps and bounds. When he sees his bowl and his spoon his mouth opens instantly. It's very Pavlovian. Splashing in the bath is the best thing ever. So is being barefoot and bare-bottomed. Good times.


Movie Review Monday

This weekend we watched the Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. It's almost impossible to describe but makes for very interesting viewing. It is directed by an anonymous street artist named Banksy. At the beginning, it seems to focus on this Frenchman named Thierry Guetta who is obsessed with filming every aspect of his life. Thierry decides to dive into filming street artists who he sort of tricks into trusting him to tape them doing illegal things under the premise of him making a documentary. However, he really has no intention to do so; he just has an overwhelming desire to document everything on film which he will eventually stash in a storage closet never to be seen by him again.
He finally makes contact with the elusive Banksy and they establish a friendship. This happens after Banksy does an "exhibit" at Disneyland and Theirry gets arrested while filming it but doesn't rat him out. Later, Banksy encourages Thierry to become an artist as well and it just sort of goes from there. It's like a documentary within a documentary where you never really know who the documentary is really about. Feel me? I'm sure you've seen the Andre the Giant "OBEY" stickers (Frank Shepard Fairey) around town and that's the kind of street art they're focusing on. It's quite fascinating but by the end I couldn't tell if it was a hoax or a satire or the real deal. I recommend watching it so you can try to decide for yourself.


Damn Dog Haiku Friday

Walked in my kitchen
Oh'dark early, no shoes on
My floor feels dirty
Can't figure it out
Ignore it and feed Casey
'Til dawn's early light
Open the back door
What do I see before me?
Kiyah's masterpiece
Disclaimer: Out of focus picture due to the fact that I was shaking with rage.



I'm not sure if it's because I am an adult closing in on my mid-thirties or if it's because I am now a mother and influencing an impressionable young mind, but I am becoming very aware of what I know. Ever since I was a kid, I have watched Jeopardy! almost religiously. I have always had a certain sense of pride because I happen to know a lot of obscure trivia and pop culture references. However, I am ashamed to admit that I know close to nothing about things that really matter like geography and history. Sure, I have traveled outside of the United States and I speak a foreign language, but there are times where I find myself ashamed of my lack of actual knowledge. I often feel much more street smart than book smart.
When I graduated this past spring, I felt a great sense of accomplishment because I am the first in my family to get a bachelor's degree even if it took me 15 years to do so. Don't get me wrong; I know that I am smarter than your average bear. I've always gotten good grades and have had a passion for reading that spans decades which has enabled my spelling and vocabulary to be exceptional. Since graduation, though, I found myself spending way too much time on facebook and gossip websites. Recently, I decided to limit the time I spend on such things and to focus more on reading actual books. Hence my obsession with the millennium trilogy.
At night I make it a point to watch a half hour of local news and a half hour of world news with Diane Sawyer prior to my Jeopardy! ritual so that I can actually say I know what is going on around me. I sort of expect the local news to cover the Charlie Sheen debacle because I live very close to Hollywood. California is the entertainment capital of the world after all. When I saw Diane Sawyer bringing me the gossip, though, I realized there was a problem. Charlie Sheen is not world news. He is a celebrity on a mediocre sitcom with a substance abuse problem and a history of abusing women. World news is Gadhafi and soaring gas prices, not Two and a Half Men.
Because of this most recent bout of outrage, also spurred by Lindsay Lohan and her antics, I have decided that in the future I am going to do my very best to avoid tabloids and gossip sites. If I am going to read, I want to walk away from my reading with usable, teachable information that I can pass on to my son. It is my goal to educate him and give him a passion for knowledge. I don't want him to feel that there is any importance in which celebretard got arrested and went to rehab. So for now, I have deleted my links to Perez Hilton and the like and I'll just go from there. This has become a matter of principle for me. I'm better than that. We all are.


Memories Light The Corner Of My Mind

I am absolutely horrible when it comes to remembering things like important dates. Actually, to be quite honest, I really don't have much of a memory at all. BFF once likened me to a goldfish and I like that analogy. My forgetfulness has its ups and downs. The ups are the constant surprises! The downs seem to be that I disappoint people when I can't remember the same things they do. It's not like those moments aren't special to me; I genuinely get excited when someone shares a memory of us that I've long since forgotten. I think I get this trait from my mother who to this day - almost 30 years later - still can't remember the year she had my brother. God bless her.
Because I am aware of my disability and do not want to forget a single thing about Casey, I have taken to writing a journal for him at the end of every day. Even if it isn't super monumental, I can have a memory of him for every day since the day he was born. I did this in lieu of a baby book because frankly I think the structures of baby books are outdated and boring. Who cares when he had his vaccinations or who was president? Look that shit up, lazy! Learn something about yourself!
But I digress. When Husband and I got married, our officiant gave us a leather bound journal. He had used the first few pages to write down our vows and the things he said at our wedding. This has been awesome to have and way better than an awkward video of the nuptials. We were supposed to use this as a journal to document important things in our life but we haven't been very consistent. Out of nowhere, I decided to research a time line to see just how long I have known the man I married. Here it is:

030506 - 1st time he commented on my blog.
082507 - 1st time he drove up to Oxnard to meet me face to face.
092807 - 1st time he met my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephew.
111707 - 1st time I went to visit him in San Diego.
041908 - 1st declaration of ourselves as an "official" couple
051008 - Engaged
102508 - 1st time I met his family in Michigan
052309 - Married
082410 - 1st time parents

Cute right? I could have never have dug up such specific dates without the assistance of the old blog and my flickr. Now I just need to go home and jot this in that leather bound journal so we can remind ourselves of the path we took that led us to fall in love.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Thank God for modern technology. It reminded me to that this coming Saturday will be FIVE years since the beginning of "us."


Casey Tuesday

Casey is 27 weeks old today, the 1st week of his 6th month of life. He's over his cold and hasn't thrown up on me since last Friday. Life is good. I told Husband I'd start putting Casey in his crib at night starting at 6 months and yesterday was sort of Day 1. He fell asleep in my arms on the couch at around 8 so I put him in his crib. It was weird falling asleep in my bed without him curled up against me. Then at 11 o'clock he woke up screaming. Apparently being alone isn't his bag. I brought him into the bed with me and he slept there til morning. I guess we'll try again tonight.
Casey's big on being in the standing position. If Husband holds his hands he'll even put one foot in the front of the other like he's walking. Since he loathes tummy time and instantly rolls over to avoid it I have a feeling he's just going to go straight to walking. My brother did that and was walking by 9 months old. God help me if that's what is in store. Casey is also in the "lunge forward" stage of his life so there have been a few face plants this week. He can also sort of scoot his booty to get closer to something out of his reach. The kid knows what he wants and will get it come hell or high water. Hooray.

His 6-month portrait session can be seen here.