TGTBTU - Elderly Edition

The Good
Today is my grandparents' 64th (?) wedding anniversary. They are both 84 years old and I think they got married when they were 20 but I'm not 100% sure so don't quote me on any of this. Tonight the family will all gather for dinner and celebration at their place. My mom finally has the assistance of a social worker and is now very close to finally getting Grandpa into an assisted living facility. Not only will he be better taken care of but Gran will finally get some relief from being his caretaker.

The Bad
I don't think my grandparents really like each other very much so I'm not sure what it is exactly that we're celebrating. Is it that Gran has yet to murder Grandpa? Are we celebrating his stubborn persistence to keep on keeping on despite her best efforts to send him to the great beyond? Considering Grandpa will be in a home soon and Gran will end up living on her own, this is probably the last time we'll be celebrating this particular occasion.

The Ugly
Grandpa's health is failing right while Gran is rapidly losing what's left of her mind. They have quite a "history" between them that has led them both to resent each other a great deal. It has recently come to light that Grandpa, despite having little to no use of his legs, keeps getting out of bed at night unassisted despite being told many times that he should not do that. His stubbornness leads to him falling on the ground. He weighs about 200 pounds and if Gran weighs 100 pounds soaking wet I'd be surprised so she can't help him up when he falls down. However, Grandpa gets mad at Gran if she calls someone like the paramedics to help him up so that doesn't leave many options to get him off the ground. Since Gran doesn't feel like she owes him anything after years of putting up with his shit, she leaves him on the ground and just covers him with a blanket until Tito the care giver comes the next morning and can pick him up. Elder on elder abuse much?
Ah, marriage. I can see now why the gays want in so badly.

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Coodence said...

Poor granules, poor grampoo.

Poor hodie for having to take care of everyone. Keep your chin up and escape to NYC whenever you can!! You have five months left til mama comes home.