I Did It!

I haven't spoken about it much here because the whole process has been very drawn out and boring but... we're buying a house! It's actually the 2nd house I ever lived in as a wee little girl. My parents own it and my grandparents live in it but it's going to be ours. I've mentioned that my grandparents are going to be put in an assisted living facility so we're basically moving in after they move out and our lease is up. Can' have anyone out there thinking that we were giving the old folks the boot. Although my boss did say now I had to get rid of the squatters and I thought that was terribly funny.
Because we are buying the house from my parents, it isn't your ordinary process. They have it set up as an owner occupied loan so we could get a lower interest rate but that means we're supposed to be the current occupants of the house, not my grandparents. This has meant that I needed to change over their utility bills to my name and make it look like I live there. This sounds easy enough but it has been quite the ordeal. Between that and all the other tax paperwork and credit checks, it has been a few months worth of gathering many documents and waiting and waiting and waiting.
I sent over the final piece of paperwork yesterday and was told that she has everything she needs and that the loan is going in line to draw the documents. It takes a day or two to draw and we should hear from escrow to go in this week to sign everything. It's really happening. In a year I have gotten my degree, had a baby and am buying my first house. This is definitely what it feels to be a grown up.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Overcoming obstacles to complete a task brings a great deal of satisfaction and an amazing sense of accomplishment.


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Andrea said...

Congrats, dude!

April said...

Way to go, man! That's awesome. I think it's really cool that it's a home which has been in your family. That makes it all the more special. Will you have a spare room for when I come to visit? =)

Lisa..... said...

And doesn't that mean you get their property tax amount and not a new pricey one?