Date Night

When you get married, the first thing people ask you is when you're going to start having children. Well, maybe not the first thing, but pretty close. It's funny, I got married to have a husband, right? But once the baby came along, I wasn't really a wife any more. All of a sudden, I am a mother and just as suddenly, my husband is a father and somewhere in the middle we got so busy being partners in parenting that we sort of forgot how to be romantic partners. I'm not saying we fell out of love, but everything started to feel very strategic and rushed. Baby lays down for a nap? Quick! Let's squeeze in the sex! Maybe we can have the grandparents watch the baby for 2 hours so we can see a movie! Quickly! You cook while I watch the baby! You watch the baby while I clean! I mean, where is the romance in all of that?
It was decided that Husband and I needed a date. Like a real date where we looked at each other and talked about things aside from Casey and didn't just sit side by side in the darkness and silence of a movie theater. So we made a reservation for Watermark on Main and had a date last Saturday night. We got there early so we could have a cocktail at the W2O Lounge on the third floor and enjoy the amazing view of downtown Ventura. I had a Pom Sunday which was a
mixture of Pomegranate Vodka, a splash of pineapple, pomegranate juice, Hypnotiq Liqueur and a dash of champagne. Needless to say, I was tipsy before dinner and have been longing for that drink ever since. We both had our own appetizer, our own entree, split a bottle of wine and had our own desserts. And best of all, we looked at each other. And talked. And basked in the glow of that dinner date in this historical beauty of a restaurant for nearly three hours. Every bite was exquisite, every sip savory... I just can't say enough good things about this place. The service was outstanding and we left surprised our dinner didn't cost more than it did. What a night! Needless to say, I think we may make a habit of this "dating" thing.
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Only choose in marriage a man whom you would choose as a friend if he were a woman. ~Joseph Joubert


Coodence said...

Super jeal, dude! Sounds awesome.

Ang said...

Great quote Randi! I may have to steal it.:)

April said...

Good for you and Hubby making time for yourselves to be a married couple!

I always buy my mom and stepdad a gift certificate to a restaurant for Christmas. I tell them that they HAVE to use it on just them. My sisters are teenagers now and only 2 still live at home, but they've been married over 20 years. They don't do a lot of things together and they hardly ever have dates.

That place looks gorgeous! So glad you guys had a great time and enjoyed each other.

Lisa..... said...

Awesome quote.