Casey Tuesday

Casey is 26 weeks old today and he'll be six months old on Thursday. I can't believe it. That's half a year! He was sick all weekend with an awful cold. This resulted in me being pretty consistently covered in his drool, snot and barf for about three days straight. Who says parenthood isn't glamorous? On top of all that, he can't sleep lying down because he can't breathe so Husband and I have had the pleasure of sleeping upright and in shifts for the last few nights. The thing about being a parent is that aside from the babysitter, it's a full-time job that doesn't stop just because you desperately need a good night's sleep. For instance, last night I slept from 8-10 pretty solid. Then I took over and "slept" in the rocking chair with Casey from 10-2 or so but he kept waking himself up crying and gagging and coughing just about every half hour. Then I moved him into his little bouncy chair thing and he stayed asleep so I slept in bed with my earplugs in to drown out his coughing and gasping. He woke up crying at 4 so Husband took him and I was able to sleep solid until 6:30. Crazy right? That's like 4 hours of solid sleep. This is the second cold he has had in his life and there really is nothing more pathetic than a sick baby. They sound like they're suffocating on their bottles, they cry with obvious sadness in their voices and they are just miserable in general. Casey has never been a snuggler so getting him to just fall asleep on my chest has been a chore. Poor little friend. The doctor said it's nothing serious, we just need to ride it out. Thank the maker Husband is home this week or it would be the worst. thing. ever.


Coodence said...

Poor buddy.

Sassy said...

Awww Casey! I hope you're feeling better!!
Do you have a humidifier in the room? Vicks rub? it's just awful when they are sick :( For everyone!

April said...

Poor baby. I know how much that sucks. I really do. Ethan had an ear infection every month from 2 months to 2 years old before he finally got tubes. I think that the reason I'm always tired around 6pm now is because I'm making up for all the sleep I lost when he was a baby.

Well at least he's feeling better now. Give him a squeeze from me, your internet friend. =)