Casey Tuesday

What can I say about Casey today? He is 25 weeks old and in the fourth week of his fifth month. This past week we have enjoyed the company of several ladies (including the lovely Lisa from Libelletage!) and it seems as though my son is quite the flirt. He loves to smile and act bashful and if you sit close enough he'll caress your face or your sleeve. It's shameful.
Over the weekend we spent a lot of time outdoors carrying Casey in his little backpack because we were blessed with some gorgeous summer weather in February. We went to the Ventura Harbor on Saturday and several people practically stopped us to tell us how cute he is. I mean, look at that picture in his wee baseball cap. How can you resist? While Husband and I were enjoying an ice cream cone, this older lady bee-lined toward us like she knew who we were. She said that all the babies she had seen lately had blue eyes. I jokingly lifted my sunglasses to show her that Husband and I both have brown eyes and said "Maybe he's not ours!" She said she knew I was going to say that because two parents with brown eyes cannot, unequivocally, have a baby with blue eyes. Um... yeah we can. He's mine and that's all the proof you need. It never ceases to amaze me how crazy people are when they talk to you about YOUR baby.


Andrea said...

People, in general, are crazy. You can too have a blue eyed baby. My cousin, brown eyes and brown hair, and his ex wife, really dark brown eyes and really dark brown hair, had a daughter. Blonde with blue eyes.

Shut up old lady on the street and go learn about DNA.

I'm not feeling like explaining about DNA right now, though. Other than to say "yes you can!"

Christine said...

Want me to draw out the punnet square? LOL You both are carriers for blue eyes, but don't have blue eyes because brown eyes are dominant. Theoretically, if eye color follows Medelian genetics, if you had lots of kids, about 1/4th, or 25% of them would have blue eyes. Sorry. I'm a scientist. I just can't resist :)

Coodence said...

Crusty! Just wait til you have a bebe.

Sassy said...

Hahaha..love it. My cousins had their daughter 6 days after we had Mason. Their little girl is fair skinned and light eyes. Her dad is italian and she married a man who is portuguese. They are both olive skinned and almost black eyes! Mason looks like he should belong to them, and their pasty girls to Martin and I.
People are crazy. Someone actually stopped Martin and I in a coffee shop and asked if Mason was biologically ours because he is so much darker then us. He has more of Martin's colouring, but the big brown eyes throw people off because mine are so green. I was really taken back by the nerve of this lady.

April said...

I so wanted to sound smart and write about the possibility of you having a blue-eyed baby, but Christine beat me to it. I'm no scientist, but genetics was my absolute favorite thing in college.

April said...

Oh and that picture is so cute. I know I say it every time you post a pic of him, but for reals? Teh Cutest!