Casey Tuesday

24 weeks old. The third week of his fifth month. Sitting up almost completely on his own like a little gentleman. Eating cereal and green beans like a big boy.
Last night my sister-in-law was over and we were talking about how she wants to name her daughter (she's due in June) Alicia (Uh-lee-see-uh). My brother said that has too many syllables and my nephew says he's naming her Chloe so it doesn't matter. I told her and Ethan that it didn't matter what they named her because they wouldn't call her by her name that much anyway. For instance, I call Casey "Capood" to which Ethan replied "What's a Capood?" and I told him I had no idea. This made Ethan laugh a lot and prompted him to tell his mom "Your baby is a capood!" That made-up word came from a night when Casey was on the floor on his blanket after a bath and I told him he was a nude capood and thus the name stuck. I also call him Bean and Pea Pod and Friendly and Casey Bear. Nicknames are fun.


Coodence said...

I call him queso.

April said...


I love the name Capood!

When I was pregnant with Ethan and thinking of names, it was very important for me to name him a name that couldn't be shortened. For example, I love the names Christian and Zachary but I didn't want him to be called Chris or Zack. Adam was a thought but it just didn't resonate with me. When I told my friend that I was pregnant, he said, "My friend, Ethan, and his wife are going to have a baby, too." Ethan jumped out at me and obviously stuck. It's pretty damn hard to shorten Ethan. Some of his friends call him E but that's not a name that he'll go by or introduce himself as, ya know?

Anyway, I call Ethan Bug, Buggie, Boogie, Boogie Woogie and Buddy. Bug and Buggie are used the most. He hasn't asked me to stop calling him those names, yet, which is pretty comforting.

Sassy said...

Mason mainly gets called "gee gee" or "goofy" or even "gee gee St. laurent" He hates if I call him Mace (or Ma$e as I like to spell it..if he is ever a white rapper).

The name Alicia, the way your sister in law pronounces it, is SOOOOO common here. We all have at least one in our classes. The class across the hall has 4!! (and an Ah-lis-ah and a A-Lisa). There is only one girl without a name that sounds like it in the whole class! a sick joke on the teacher. Perhaps that's just because lots of people love that name. It is pretty :)