This Movie's Alright

After a couple weeks of it sitting near the DVD player, we finally put the critically acclaimed movie The Kids Are All Right in this weekend and watched the dang thing. I rented it because it is nominated for four Oscars, has won a million other awards and has just been raved about endlessly in my go-to movie rag, Entertainment Weekly. It's a movie about two kids raised by two lesbians who have found their shared birth father/sperm donor. Bening is a doctor and is clearly the ruler of the roost who loves her vino. Moore is a bit of a flaky, artsy-fartsy type who is simply submissive. Ruffalo, being the charming and handsome bastard that he is, sort of just comes into their lives and shakes everything up. I should have prefaced this review that anything that has to deal with the themes "family" or "marriage" pretty much sends me into an emotional tailspin. This movie was a great study in both topics but also very hard to watch. You see, after years of being in Bening's shadow and under her thumb, Moore seeks comfort in Ruffalo. Just as you thought this unconventional bunch was going to be able to really mix up the very definition of family, the whole thing goes to hell. I won't ruin the end for you but it was within the last 20 minutes of the movie that my stomach was in absolute knots. Was this a good movie? I think so, though there were definitely bits and pieces that could have ended up on the editing room floor and it wouldn't have affected the film in the least. If you watch a movie looking to escape, though, I'd probably skip this one. The reality of it all was a bit overwhelming at times.


Coodence said...

Great review!

Christine said...

I watched Rain Man this past weekend. It was a little too real for me (even though I have watched it a ton of times as a kid). I guess that's why they win the Oscars?

April said...

This movie looked interesting when the previews were on, but not interesting enough to want to go see at the theater. However, your review has changed my mind.

If you haven't seen The Ugly Truth yet, I recommend it. I laughed my ass off.

I also went to see No Strings Attached last night. It was good. Predictable, but good. It was worth the $11 to see Ashton's naked ass, that's for sure!