The Good
Sophie. Have you heard of her? She's only the world's most popular chew toy for babies. Duh. Babies aren't even issued their "teething baby" card unless they have one of her. I'm surprised you didn't know that. Actually? I didn't either. BFF schooled me in the ways of Sophie then I got a stern talking to again from a random lady at Target. So BFF sent one to Casey and now Casey is happily eating his new giraffe friend instead of gagging on his entire fist. Hooray!

The Bad
Remember how I said on Tuesday I thought Casey was sleeping through the night again? Well he decided to prove to me on both Tuesday and Wednesday night that he most certainly was not! Apparently his new bedtime ritual is to cry at the top of his lungs for no less than 30 minutes. My child cannot stop his arms and legs from flailing so rocking to soothe him is an effort in futility. He was up every hour on the hour last night, woke up before 5 a.m. for a bottle and then gifted me with a filled diaper at 5:15. AM, people. Ante Meridian. Sleep? What's that?

The Ugly
I guess the ugly prize goes to me and my disposition today. I'm a moody, tired mother. I'm starting to believe that the hair loss I am still suffering is probably from stress and not post-childbirth related at all. On top of that, I think I'm developing a hair phobia (also known as Trichopathophobia) because of the amount of it I see every morning in my bathroom. When it's on me it gives me the same heebie jeebies similar to those one would get if a bug was crawling across your skin. Yay, right? Can't wait til I start tearing off my own flesh! Happy Thurday, y'all!


Coodence said...

Poor hodie. Man, do I ever feel your pain. I just do.

Except for the hair thing. That's a little batty. JK/RANDI. It's probably cuz you're fucking tired, dude.

April said...

Oh man, I feel ya on the hair loss. I actually got the same way with the heebie-jeebies. It would happen when I would feel a hair on me but I couldn't get it. Do you know what I mean?

And if I doubted my stance on not wanting more babies, you have reassured me that I DO NOT want to go through it again. =)