The Good
Husband comes home today for a four-day weekend. My friends also had their second son so we get to visit them in the hospital and see a brand new baby boy this weekend! Here's a funny story. She knew she was going in for a c-section on January 21st. I got an email on the 7th about throwing her a last-minute baby shower on the 15th. She gave birth on the 12th.

The Bad
I was foolish and boasted on facebook that my son was sleeping through the night. Since that day, he's been waking up a couple times a night to talk or cry in his sleep. Doesn't make for a restful night for either of us.
I was also foolish and got my car washed and it rained the next day. Even though there was no rain anywhere to be found in the forecast. I'll be burning $20 bills all week just for fun.

The Ugly
Menses. Not just the word, but the entire process. Cramps. Mood swings. Pads and tampons. No running through fields in a white dress here, folks. Move along.