New Year's Resolutions

We all make them, I just don't know if mine will stick:
  • Lose 25 pounds by my birthday on May 12th so I can be a hottie Matron-of-Honor for Crusty's wedding in October and guest at Brother-In-Law's June wedding.
  • Be wise with my words. Mean what I say, say what I mean and watch the cussing. I have an impressionable youth now.
  • Stick with cash only unless it's an emergency. I went all last year doing this. It really works.
  • Save some money in addition to spending it more wisely. This will come in handy come renovation time. We'll be first-time homeowners this year.
  • Cut way back on the weekly beer intake. I got a little carried away once the beer-ban was lifted after Casey was born and I stopped breastfeeding. Good times were had now it's time to sober up.


Andrea said...

I don't really make any. I kinda reassess what I've been looking at doing and then really get to it now that the holidays are over.

I find that not putting extra pressure on myself by saying "I resolve to do this this year and be happier and better" I have a better chance at success.

I like to be happy. Extra pressure on myself doesn't do that. :)

I'm all zen and shit, right?

Coodence said...

I love em! You go girl. I didn't really make any but I always want to lose a few, drink less beer, and get to work on time.