Movie Review Monday

Want to see an incredible movie? Go see True Grit. Please don't ask me to compare it to the John Wayne original because I never saw it. When we saw the previews for this one a while back something about it just seemed appealing. Matt Damon does his best Matthew McConaughey impression as a Texas Ranger. Jeff Bridges is the Dude as a drunken ol' cowboy. Josh Brolin's hardly in the dang thing so I'm not sure why he made the poster but he was a darn good villain alongside an unrecognizable Barry Pepper. And that precocious young lady Hailee Steinfeld? Well she's a Ventura County native right outta Thousand Oaks so we had to support her with our hard earned coin! I laughed a lot watching True Grit. I also screamed aloud at one point because if the Coen Brothers can do one thing - it's violence. Husband got so excited at the same scene that he made an outburst of a sound and I think the woman in front of him pooped a little. Then again, nary a person in that theater was under the age of 50. I just can't say enough good things about this movie. The dialogue will blow your mind and the scenery is just legit. We've been seeing a lot of cartoons of late so a grown-up movie was a nice change of pace. I'm glad it was this one.

Now on the other hand, do you want to see a terrible movie? Rent Cop Out. What a disjointed mess of a movie. Apparently it was a comedy but I only laughed once and that was at the very end of the movie. I think it was a sympathy laugh. I just don't know. Lord knows I don't mind Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock but I think he's best in small doses. Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis. His daughter is getting married and his baseball card that's supposed to finance the wedding gets stolen and Tracy Morgan's wife is supposedly cheating on him and Mexican drug lords are kidnappers and on and on and on but the hundred wee story lines are connected... Yeah. I really dig Kevin Smith as a person. I think he's super smart when he does those Q&A's and he's clearly pretty talented as he has several films under his belt. I guess I'm just more of a fan of him than his movies.

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Lisa..... said...

My husband was especially happy to see the guy dressed up in a bear suit. He said that made it a Cohen bros film.