Casey Tuesday!

  • Casey turned 5 months old yesterday.
  • Today is his 22nd week as my baby.
  • He is sitting up for longer periods of time unassisted and has really mastered the concept of reaching and grabbing and holding. He can even play his xylophone. My little Beethoven-to-be.
  • It seems as though he's gone back to sleeping through the night but I know now to not assume that this is anything I should hang my hat on. One night over the weekend he was doing everything but sleeping so I put him in his crib and shut both our doors so I could get like a minute of sleep. Waking up to him screaming bloody murder because he's alone is not something I'm down with.
  • He's a heavy little friend so carrying him around in his car seat has given me some impressive calluses that are on par with those of a weightlifter.
  • Tummy time is the bane of his existence and no matter how much I encourage him, he refuses to roll over.
  • He's found his toes and his tongue and those two things bring him great joy.
  • We've been out the last two nights and both nights on the way home he has lost his shit in the car. I'm talking tears and screams, the works. I don't know if it's because it's dark back there or what but driving with a crying baby in the backseat makes Mama cry.
  • He's been sucking on my neck lately when I carry him and he cringes in the sunlight so I think he may be part vampire. I'll keep you posted.


Coodence said...

Great pic!

fyrchk said...

He is the cutest! Love that hair!!!

Jessica said...

Have I mentioned that those eyes freaking kill me???

April said...

It's crazy how much he's looking more and more like his daddy! (I know I've only seen pics of his daddy, but from pics, he looks JUST like him)

I LOVE watching babies play with their feet. You'll have to post a pic of him playing with them if you can.