Casey Tuesday

  • Casey is 21 weeks old today. That's week 4 of his 4th month.
  • He eats cereal once a day but it's more for sport than nutrition.
  • His new favorite look is sticking out his tongue and boy is it long. Looks just like mama's.
  • He's a big fan of making the "pffth" a.k.a. raspberry sound.
  • He also coughs a lot but isn't sick.
  • Boy can that kid talk. I don't know what he's saying but he's always saying something. This morning when he was mad I definitely made out a "mama." When he was babbling happily he said "Uh oh" and then laughed like he was pleased with himself.
  • He is able to pet Kiyah now but petting is more like grabbing a fistful of ear or hair which is immediately greeted with our new mantra "Gentle!"


Coodence said...

I love it! That coughing thing is hilarious. It makes Princess laugh and laugh and laugh.

hotdrwife said...

They totally grow so fast. I know everyone says it, but man - it flies by.

PS O's first word was totally "shitty". So ... be ready!