Casey Tuesday

  • Casey is 19 weeks old today.
  • For 3 out of the last 4 nights he has slept from around 8 pm to around 5 am. He'll stir for a bit around 2 or 3 but I can usually just comfort him a bit and he'll fall back to sleep.
  • On Sunday, twice I laid him on the couch with a chupie (a.k.a. chupon which is Spanish for pacifier) and covered him with the "ether blanket" and he fell asleep without me rocking him. This has not really ever happened before.
  • He has discovered his knees and his toes.
  • He can pull and grab and push things with ease.
  • He's been pulling himself up into a seated position and also likes to flex his legs to stand up and "be tall."
  • Last weekend he took his first trip down to San Diego.
  • While he was there he met BFF's family and the Amezquitas for the first time.
  • New Year's Eve was all the more special because it was his first one but neither he nor his papa nor I stayed awake to see the new year in.


Coodence said...

love the photo!!

Lurker Girl said...

Oh he is so precious--I LOVE THE HAIR!!!

Naw on his little piggies for me--I jsut love baby feet!!

You are blessed!

Sassy said...

Oh. My. God.
Grilled Cheesus girl..he is so fricken cute!!

love the picture. LOVE.

cindita said...

Love love love this picture! He looks so grown up! So glad we got to meet the little man!