The Good
My darling son had a fantastic night last night. Not only did he sit nicely all through dinner out with my mother, he only woke up once at 2:30 a.m. Being rested makes such a huge difference in my life and I am sure it does in Casey's as well. I'm also stoked that Husband will be home tonight ending my shift as a single mommy until he leaves again on Monday at oh'dark early.

The Bad
My 9-year old Husky-Malamute mix is not adapting well to the idea that Casey isn't going anywhere. She's so used to being the focus of attention that she's turned into this abused shadow of her former self. I hired people to walk her during the day since it is too dark for me to do so with the baby after work but it doesn't seem to be placating her. I try to play with her and she rolls over submissively or cowers like I've just beaten her. She's constantly under my feet and as much as I know she's trying to be affectionate, her being that close to me and the baby makes me nervous and claustrophobic. It's quite stressful trying to be a good mommy to both her and Casey. I sort of just wish she'd be the old dog that is content to just lay around rather than this ever-youthful bundle of neediness.

The Ugly
Every winter when the heater comes on and the cold weather becomes dry, I get this cold-sore like blister on the inside of my nose. It gets all crusty (not to be confused with Crusty) and bloody and swells up so my nostril becomes this tiny sliver of a hole. Pretty huh? Boogers.


Coodence said...

Crusty! Ha!

Andrea said...

She will adjust. It will just take a bit longer than you would like. Just keep paying attention to her, try to have some times that YOU can take her for a walk, etc.

Dogs are very routine driven. But she will adjust to a new routine.