TGTBTU - Christmas Edition

The Good
I only work half-day today and from the looks of it "work" is in theory only. And the word on the street is we're all getting pre-paid Visa cards from the Bossmen today so HOLLER! Also? It stopped raining, there were no cars on the street and I didn't have to take Casey to Maria's this morning so I had time for a Caramel Brulée latte at Starbucks. Yum!

The Bad
Husband and I have to take Casey to the mall for his 4-month portraits at JC Penney's at 3 o'clock. Essentially the day before Christmas. To. The. Mall. Looking for parking oughtta be lots of fun but hopefully everyone else will be shopping instead of waiting to get their pictures taken.

The Ugly
Holiday blues or a Blue Christmas if your Elvis. This week I've not only been under the weather but utterly depressed and it has effected not only me but my entire family and most likely my friends that have listened to me be upset over it. Crying at my desk. Angry at home. It's just no good. So hopefully today is a new day and I can put all that behind me.

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Lisa..... said...

Hope things are looking up and you're feeling good.