TGTBTU - NuvaRing Edition

The Good
I can't endorse this form of birth control any more than I do. I swear I should be their spokesperson. Literally 2 months after I took that thing out I was pregnant. I had been using it for a couple years prior and NOTHING. I'd say that is some spectacular protection. Also? I think it helped dry up my boobs when I put it in after the decision was made to stop breastfeeding. Like clockwork, when I took that thing out 3 weeks later, Aunt Flo came knocking. And I don't get migraines with this bad boy like I did with the pill. Holler.

The Bad
I think the weight gain side effect is a reality. Either that or it's the PMS. Whatever is to blame, I can't stop shoveling sweet and salty goodies in my mouth and thus I believe I will be morbidly obese by the arrival of 2011.

The Ugly
While I'm glad to have a legit period again, I bled for like 10 weeks straight after Casey was born so I'm not too pumped on the idea of bleeding again after only a 6-week bloodless run. Blood.

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