Palin Hatin' Haiku Friday

Damn Sarah Palin
Why won't you just go away?
I'm sick of your face
And Barbara Walters,
You should be very ashamed
"most fascinating"
She's an idiot
Who makes women look so bad
We must boycott her

Extra: Why Husband Thinks She's Awful

She's a cartoon that totes a gun and a fishin' pole but wears short suits and pushes her tits up to look hot. She barfs out all these redneck ideals veiled under a hairdo and a complete set of teeth. And, when it all boils down, she's a full on fraud that plays like she's country and down home when in reality she's slapping every Midwestern hard working blue collar American in the face by insisting she's just like the rest of us. She doesn't even have a thought in between her ears that can come close to predicting the pulse of America, mostly because she's drunk and sick with fame-whoring and getting attention any way she can get it. She's a political Kardashian plain and simple and should be kept far away from influencing her own children, not to mention the future of our nation.


hotdrwife said...

I applaud you both.

Coodence said...

Amen! Political Kardashian - BAHAHAHAHAH! Best thing ever.

Lisa..... said...

Wow. I think that sums it up.

cod's MIL said...

i heard Donald Trump say he was thinking very seriously about running for president....i don't know which scares me more...Trump or Palin as president!!!