Movie Review Monday

We'll start today's reviews off with the one in theaters now: Tangled. I'm a bit behind in seeing this one as it came out on Thanksgiving but normally Disney cartoon releases are a priority of mine. I will say that I really enjoyed this movie all the way up to the end. I can't tell you what the last minute was about unless I use my imagination because there was no volume at our viewing but I won't complain too much about it because we got comped with free tickets. I really like that Disney is getting a bit more modern in their fairy tales but are still able to remain true to them. Gone are the damsels in distress yet they still manage to keep a pretty good romantic storyline going. Even the songs were fantastic (atta girl, Mandy Moore!). I totally loved the wee animal friends as well. And the best part about it is, even in 2D, the movie didn't lose any of its appeal. I like that. It's a sign of a good movie when it doesn't rely on stupid tricks and just tells a great story. And I also can't wait to watch this one over and over on DVD.

Next is a movie I blogged about a while back but can't seem to find a link to. It's a documentary done by the brilliant minds at Dickhouse (a.k.a. Johnny Knoxviille): The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. We've been on a long waiting list for Netflix but it finally showed up over the weekend. From the trailer you basically think you are going to see the definition of white trash incarnate. This is sort a follow-up on a PBS special from back in the day called The Dancing Outlaw about a tap dancing, Appalachian legend named Jesco White. Instead of just focusing on him, though, they decided to do a documentary about his extended family as well: an outlaw group of law-breaking, state-certified crazies. You think they're going to be exploited for the sake of entertainment but then you really see how these people, as insane as they may act, are just like you and me with family troubles and real-life issues. It was as touching as it was jaw dropping to watch. I wouldn't recommend this to just anyone but if you like to take a look into the seedier, more random underbelly of these United States, this documentary paints quite a picture.

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