How I Love A Good Letter

To My Landlord and The Property Management People,

This letter is in regards to our professional relationship with the employees at **** and their handyman, ****. I would just like to say that there has never been an instance where it hasn't been an absolute pleasure working with this management firm. They are always available by phone and **** even extended me the courtesy of giving me his personal number in case he needed to be contacted outside of office hours. Whenever we have had an issue, they have dealt with it quickly, effectively and professionally. Not only are they professional, but they have consistently treated us like we are not only tenants or renters but friends. Each time I have seen **** since I was pregnant, he has made an effort to ask about my son and each time I speak with **** it is always a casual and enjoyable conversation. I think that sort of personal touch is what really makes this professional relationship even more special.

I would also like to thank you for finally putting up the bird strips to get rid of what is essentially a vermin problem with the pigeons. For a year and a half we have dealt with pigeon excrement on and around the rental property, personally trying to deal with a situation that is no less than a health risk. On a number of occasions, Husband has done his best to try and hose down the nests and excrement on the arches. What a pleasure it was to see **** finally rectifying the situation yesterday afternoon when we initially asked for the problem to be handled upon move-in in 2008. With a new baby, his health is of the utmost priority to us and without pigeons nesting above our windows, I feel all of us can only benefit.

It seems like an ideal time to address the termite problem we also noticed when we moved in June of 2008. When **** took over the property, they had an exterminator come and assess the situation. He determined there was indeed a problem and recommended a tenting. Here we are, years later and there is still a very real termite problem. Our garage and perimeter fence seem to be suffering the most damage. While it is not affecting our quality of life, the garage door is quite close to falling apart and if it could be structurally reinforced we would appreciate it a great deal.

Before I close this letter I would like to note that while we had requested early termination of our lease, our circumstances have changed and we will be able to complete our lease, vacating the premises prior to June 30, 2011. We were going to have to vacate because my grandparents who are in poor health were going to have to be put into a home and we were going to purchase their house. We requested to break the lease early and were told we'd be able to work something out. Unfortunately for my grandparents, other arrangements must be made because my grandfather's health is rapidly deteriorating. Thus, we no longer are in a rush to move out of our place or into theirs while these new arrangements are being put in place. On Christmas eve we received a letter basically saying we would not be able to work anything out and we'd be responsible for the remaining months in the lease. First of all, that is in poor form to send a letter like that to arrive at our home on a holiday. I gave that notice months ago and should have been told then or I'm sure it could have waited another week. To get that letter on Christmas Eve, it was both a disappointment and a point of frustration for us.

I feel that we have been better than average tenants who have paid rent on time if not early every month. We came into our rental agreement with an overgrown and dead yard that had to be torn apart and replanted and we have maintained nice looking landscaping in the back and the front of our unit for years at our own cost. I am quite sure this small effort will go a long way in helping you rent the property more quickly when we vacate. When the most recent tenant in B was clearly destroying your property, we tried to keep you abreast of the situation not to be irritants but because in the long run he was going to do more harm than good. The longer he lived there and harassed the other tenants with his extremely loud music and drunken antics, the more of a burden you would have. It would have been nice to have received the same kind of courtesy in our time of need.

We look forward to working with you for the next six months and wish you the best of luck in filling the vacancy next door.
Have a happy new year.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: You start off with some warm fuzzies, stab 'em a little in the middle and close off with a kiss and a hug.


Coodence said...

Ha! Hope you really sent this!

Sassy said...

I love a good letter. you have the perfect recipe.