Casey Tuesday

Casey is 15 months weeks old today and he has been blowing my mind lately. The other night we put him on his stomach for some post-bath tummy time like we always do. I looked up to say something to Husband and when I looked down he was on his back. Naturally, since I missed it, I put him on his tummy so he could do it again. And he did! I was screaming! So neat! When I tried for a third, he was over it and he wouldn't do it again last night so I don't know if it was a fluke or not but it was still very exciting. Last night I was "zerberting" (Thanks, Cosby Show!) his belly and he was laughing. Not just a little "heh" but a full on giggle. My heart officially melted. Over the weekend we schlepped him on the Christmas tree train and all over the Christmas tree farm and he was 100% well-behaved. I'm so glad he does so well when we're out and about. The only thing about a tree farm is it isn't exactly baby friendly. The train wouldn't let us bring a stroller on so I was carrying him and a diaper bag all over the place and let's just say that Casey isn't exactly light. Then I had to change his diaper on a hay bail and that was a whole other level of ridiculous. The good thing is, he didn't seem to mind at all. Love my little friend! Such a trouper.


Lisa..... said...

15 months? Wow that went by fast. ;)

Coodence said...

Yay! I love Casey Tuesday!