The Good:
I didn't forget anything today when I dropped Casey off at Maria's! It only took 3 days but I think I'm getting the swing of things. Husband comes home tonight so he'll have Casey tomorrow and I won't have to sweat another trip to the sitter until Monday. Also, I hired a dog walker so my poor neglected Kiyah can get some exercise.

The Bad:
I seem to have dislocated and or twisted the everliving H. E. Double Hockey Sticks out of my left knee. I had it propped up on Bossman's desk and then it was like instant excruciating pain. So that's fun because it's not like I'm constantly moving around holding a 14-pound baby and schlepping him up and down stairs all night or anything. Um... the sarcasm is being spread on pretty thick.

The Ugly:
I'm trying to figure out this whole pumping thing and it's making for some ugly boobies. Monday I pumped 3 times and didn't really have a problem but I'm trying to build up a surplus and didn't think that'd be enough. Tuesday I pumped four times and that was too many so I had flattened pancake boobs by the time I got home. I don't think Casey was impressed. Yesterday I only pumped twice for some reason and all night I had to deal with engorged boobs and lumpy milk ducts. Lord help me. We'll shoot for 3 today.


Coodence said...

Hooray for husband's return!

Christine said...

lumpy milk ducts sounds like fun :)