The Good:
Husband will be back home today after 4 long days without him. We're fortunate this month that he only has to work short weeks, alternating between 3 and 4 days away.

The Bad:
Being a single mom is not fun and so help me I hope Husband can get some work up here sooner than later. I love spending these last few days with Casey full-time but between him and the neediest dog alive, I am hustling unless I'm sleeping.

The Ugly:
The sounds coming out of Casey are reminiscent of Darth Vader and this is not pretty. Thanks to Santa Ana winds and heat, he is congested and suffering. I keep suctioning his snot and digging out man-sized boogers but they keep regenerating. He's all coughs, sneezes and sadness. Poor little friend.


Christine said...

yay for the return of the DR!
boo on the boogers - hope the little guy gets better soon :(
and, perhaps kiyah needs doggie day care? lol

Coodence said...

Poor little fella! It's so sad when they're stuffy. And when they eat, it's like doing the freestyle in swimming.