Movie Review Monday

You would think think that me having a baby would prevent me from renting a movie called Babies. However, despite the redundancy, I really enjoyed this documentary. It follows the lives of four babies from around the globe. There is hardly any dialogue aside from the random adult saying something to their baby and the sounds from the babies themselvse, though that hardly counts does it? Seeing this made me realize that Americans really spoil their children. Shocking revelation, I know. I also felt that the San Francisco family they chose to spotlight made Americans look like a bunch of overindulgent, dirty hippies so that was sort of a bummer. There are scenes that will absolutely blow your mind like the Namibian mother wiping her daughter's ass on her knee and then wiping the poop off her knee with an old corn cob, just to name one. There are also scenes that will just make you smile your fool head off. I highly recommend this one if you dig babies.

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