I have been on the cusp of tipping the scale below 200 pounds for a little while now and today it finally happened. It's just under that mark, so I know I must be diligent, but it's under 200 nonetheless. Before Casey was born, I weighed about 238. He weighed 8 pounds. So that's about 30 pounds in 10 weeks. Not too shabby. Let's see if I can't get back to my wedding weight of 190 by the end of the year. Holler.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Breastfeeding, hustling after a newborn and interrupted mealtimes will help you lose weight. Diet? I know not of this. I eat candies by the handful some days.


Coodence said...

Awesome, dude! I'm going to breastfeed forever! Hahahahahaha.

Christine said...

you're awesome!

Lisa..... said...

Yay for weight loss.