Casey Tuesday

My little man turns 14 weeks old today. It's shocking that he has been in my life for three whole months. I don't know what it was but over the weekend I was just overwhelmed with love for him. It was like his cuteness consumed me. He makes the funniest faces and sounds now. The formula has done wonders for him. He used to poop all the time, like every diaper had at least a skid mark in it. Now? He can go like 3 days without a poop. It's sort of funny when he finally has to go. If he is on one of our chests, he'll push with his feet on our tummy until his butt is in the air and he makes these funny cooing "ooh ahh" sounds. Poop talk. I must be a mother. In babysitter talk, we are so lucky to have found Maria. She charges us practically nothing and then takes what little money we give her and buys him outfits. Last week she didn't want us to pay for the whole week because we had him at home for 3 out of the 5 days. I told her I'd rather just pay her so I hope she doesn't put up a fight when I pay her again this week. I just don't know how we got so lucky. On another somewhat Casey-related topic, my boobs dried up. Thank God for small miracles. I was done with all the peppermint and sage and sports bras. Over it.


Coodence said...

yay! 3 months is awesome.

Christine said...

Why are you so serious, Mr Casey?