The Good
We had to take Casey for an ultrasound on Tuesday after Dr. Sally discovered that one of his testicles was a little bigger than the other. She was concerned it might be a cyst or a tumor because of its firmness but she called last night to tell us officially that it is only liquid as the ultrasound tech had predicted. We just get to wait and see if it returns to normal; no surgical intervention or urologists needed at this time. His disposition and demeanor this entire week has been stellar considering.
Also? His Halloween-themed JC Penney photo shoot. Very good. Very good indeed.

The Bad
Well, I'm awake before 6 a.m. typing this to you. And I suppose my son being and "odd ball" (Ha! Get it?) isn't exactly great. And I have to go see my urologist today. Boo to catheters!

The Ugly
The beards on the San Francisco Giants' pitching staff. And my big toes around the nail bed. They just can't quite get used to wearing shoes now after several pregnant months in flip flops.


Christine said...

Ahhh! His pictures are too cute! I WANT ALL OF THEM!!!!

teehee :)

Coodence said...

Those pics are pure perfection, dude. Pure perfection.

hotdrwife said...

omg. those photos .... really??? He is so damn cute! But you know this already. And glad the testicle issue is just fluid and nothing else!! :)

Lisa..... said...

Glad he's fine. The pictures are cute but also he looks like he's over it in some of them.

April said...

I'm super glad that there's nothing seriously wrong with your son's testicles. I know some day you want to be a grandma, right?

And those pictures? LOVE.THEM!! His little face is just perfectly adorable. I would so be that annoying cheek-pinching aunt around him. It's a good think you live on the left coast!