The Good:
I work until noon today and then not again until either November 8th or 15th. I have to get my first "bonding' check to figure out that date... I'm very simple. Also good? Getting out of town tomorrow for the weekend. It's been too long since I've been to the bay and since my last visit with BFF. We were both preggers for goodness sake! Now we have wee ones to share!

The Bad:
I'm still rockin' a pad and I'm totally fucking over it EIGHT WEEKS AND TWO DAYS LATER. The tampon might be overkill but it's better safe than sorry I guess. This is really getting in the way of my sex life and I am not having it.

The Ugly:
Currently, the weather takes this title. It's gray and rainy. While I do love this weather, we would like to take Casey to the pumpkin patch today and it will definitely be muddy. Plus, we have a 5-hour drive tomorrow and I'd prefer the roads be dry, thankyouverymuch.

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