Methergine Monday

So... I've mentioned "the bleeding" here a couple times. About 48 hours after Casey was born I had an episode of bleeding that was pretty epic. I woke up and it looked like someone had cut off the lower half my body. I'm talking horror story proportions of blood. It was awful. I was put on Methergine to help with the clotting and such. Since then, I had been consistently bleeding for seven weeks. Last week I had two episodes of bleeding that were just ridiculous. I'm ok with a period-like flow but I don't need to be gushing onto the floor and through my clothing. So the doctor put me on a second round of Methergine and I hoped for the best. Tomorrow is eight weeks postpartum and I am still bleeding so I said to hell with it and called the doctor. They insisted I come in for an ultrasound and I obeyed. There was a spot that the technician identified as a clot.
The doctor happened to be out delivering a baby so the nurse practitioner came to talk to us. This is the same nurse practitioner that said she thought the doctor would want to induce me because of the high blood pressure I had while I was pregnant. He didn't induce me. Today, she said the doctor would probably want to do a D&C so I left the office super distressed because I didn't want another damn procedure done that I'd have to heal from. I also didn't want to be put under anesthesia or have to cancel my trip to Oakland to see BFF & Co. this weekend. Basically, I just wanted to stop bleeding already.
Well, fool us twice for believing the nurse practitioner of doom and gloom and worse case scenarios. The doctor called and said that it was basically a three-centimeter clot that will eventually pass on its own and until then I just get to be inconvenienced. He didn't want to do a D&C and I didn't want him to. It was a win, win situation. However, I still get to bleed until the damn thing decides it no longer wants to take up residence in my uterus. So in case there are any other new moms that are still bleeding eight weeks (we're talking almost two months, people!) after childbirth, hopefully Google will lead you here and you won't be terrified that you're hemorrhaging. Bleeding should stop after six weeks. If it doesn't, talk to your doctor.


Sassy said...

Jesus. Sweet baby Jesus.
8 weeks? whoa. You need some award, some compensation, SOMETHING. Like motherhood isn't hard enough, to have to endure 8 weeks of bleeding...and not light bleeding either? Fuck.
You wouldn't know it by this post, but I am speechless.

April said...

Well at least they know what it is and it's not something terrible like hemorrhaging or an infected uterus. I was so truly worried for you.

May the Uterus Gods bless you with a passed clot like yesterday!