Inspired by BFF

The Good:
The concert we went to last night. Not only did Maroon 5 prove themselves to be quite the live entertainment, but One Republic proved to us they weren't just emo one-hit wonders. Also? I managed to get a solid buzz on after a mere 2 beers in a row. Solid. And? It didn't rain a drop!

The Bad:
Apparently my son's nighttime behavior wasn't quite what Grandma had expected when she agreed to watch Casey last night while Husband and I went on our first real date since he was born. He had a 4-hour stretch of crying and general shenanigans... basically what his dad and I get to deal with pretty much every day.

The Ugly:
Some of the newborns we've seen pictures of lately. Lord almighty.
Also? How engorged one's boobs can get after 6 hours away from one's baby and 3 beers. Ha!

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Coodence said...

Ha! Dude, so glad the concert was awesome and it didn't rain!! What fun.

I know what baby you speak of and man oh man. I'm glad I produced a cutie! Ha!

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