Helping Hand

When I got pregnant, I told my employers pretty much immediately. Hell, I took the pregnancy test in the bathroom here at work and bee-lined from there to my boss's office to tell him. I think I was about 6-weeks at the time. It was the soonest possible moment for the test to detect I was pregnant. Anyway, they had plenty of time to get a replacement for my maternity leave yet decided to procrastinate. My replacement didn't come to start training until 3 weeks before my due date and I left 2 weeks after his arrival. My replacement happens to be my boss's son. I am one of the bosses' daughter so I don't really feel too much nepotism going on here, it's just sort of a family business with loyal employees that have been around for decades.
However, my boss decided that he was going to send his son to China to meet one of our suppliers and take a tour of the plant they have out there. Mind you, I am not due back to work until mid-November. He was sent to China mid-October. I decided to help out so I've been here for about 4 hours a day since last Thursday. What kills me is that his son left quite a mess for me (basically the result of inexperience) and I'm busting my butt trying to clean it all up before I really return. Every time I ask my boss a question about something, he cops a 'tude and says "I already gave this to D." Um, I'm trying to help him out and I don't need the lip. What also chaps my ass is that I've worked here for four and a half years and no one ever once invited me to China. And I'm working when I should be home playing with my nearly two-month old. I guess the bright side is that while I'm not getting paid - lest it interfere with my maternity leave benefits - I am working off a deficit of vacation hours. So at least there's that.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: In the words of the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, "I get no respect."