Dog Etiquette

  • You telling me that your dog is a "rescue" does not excuse its bad behavior.
  • Some dogs? Don't deserve to be rescued. They're not people. Some are just inherently bad. I don't care what Cesar Milan tells you.
  • If you have a dog you can't control while it is on a leash, don't take it on a walk.
  • Tiny dogs yap incessantly. Buying another tiny dog does not keep the other tiny dog from yapping, they do so in unison. While you're at work. All day long.
  • Your dog isn't "terrified" after being attacked, you are. The dog senses your mood and responds accordingly.
  • A dog in a stroller? Really?
  • Pick up your dog's shit when you're on a walk. They sell wee rolls of bags that go right on the leash. If you don't, pick up your asshole sign at the nearest exit and wear it proudly.
MORAL OF THIS STORY: I have a well-behaved dog.


Andrea said...

1. It should, depending on how long they have had it, what the issues are, what caused the issues, and what they are doing to work with the issues.

2. I've never met an inherently bad dog. Some dogs may have been abused past the point that the AVERAGE dog owner can help it, but most dogs in the PROPER HOME can be worked with.

3. Sometimes, it's the walking the dog that is part of the training. Can't teach your dog to be under control on a leash without practice. Not everyone has a yard in which to do this.

4. Yup.

5. Dogs do sense your fear and respond accordingly, yes. But they also have their own fear.

6. Silliness! Dogs should walk. Except my Mom put her older dog in a stroller once she couldn't walk anymore and Dad wasn't ready to let her go and they took her and the younger dog on walks. Oops.

7. Agreed.

In most cases, it is not the dog. It is the owner that is the real issue. A very high percentage of most.

April said...

My neighbor's dog has the most god awful screeching bark I've ever heard. It sounds like she's being murdered. I'm not a fan of tiny, incessantly yapping dogs.

But I do agree with Andrea that it's usually the dog owners that are the issue. There are so many irresponsible dog owners that it makes me sick.