Casey Tuesday

Casey is 8 weeks old today. He is looking much less like an alien and that really pleases me. I'm not sure where he got those blue eyes but they don't seem to be going anywhere. His hair is almost reddish in the sunlight and neither of those qualities are from his mother. I'm not entirely convinced he's mine but he's definitely his father's son. We know this because of the dimple in his chin. He's doing much better at sleeping through the night. Let me rephrase that. He sleeps for about 7 hours at a time but when he goes to bed at 8, that means he is up at 3. Then he's usually awake for about 2 hours. This makes it a little difficult for the rest of the household who would really like to sleep during the wee dark hours of the morning. This weekend, we will be taking him on his first road trip up to the Bay area where we will hammer out the details of his arranged marriage to BFF's daughter, Sasha, whom he will be meeting for the first time. Not too much has happened developmentally but he is getting very vocal and it makes me laugh. He also kicks all the time and smacks the dangling toys on his play mat that resembles a caterpillar. In the middle of the night when I'm changing his diaper, he smiles at the Eeyore that hangs above his changing table and it melts my heart every time. My son. Tee!


Coodence said...


Christine said...

I think he got his blue eyes from his Auntie Christine :)
yay for road trips! Sounds awesome!

April said...

He is the definition of cute!