Happy Halloween!

Today I get to take Casey on a modified, daytime Trick or Treat tour, attempt my first roasting of pumpkin seeds and hand out some candy to some costumed kiddos. Hope your Halloween is as happy as I hope mine will be.


Pre-Halloween Haiku Friday

Santa Ana winds
Just blew through our neighborhood
Ushered in Autumn
We hung lights outside
Jack O'Lanterns, big cobweb
Need to carve pumpkins
Casey the Moo-Cow
Will have his first trick-or-treat
Love this time of year



The Good
We had to take Casey for an ultrasound on Tuesday after Dr. Sally discovered that one of his testicles was a little bigger than the other. She was concerned it might be a cyst or a tumor because of its firmness but she called last night to tell us officially that it is only liquid as the ultrasound tech had predicted. We just get to wait and see if it returns to normal; no surgical intervention or urologists needed at this time. His disposition and demeanor this entire week has been stellar considering.
Also? His Halloween-themed JC Penney photo shoot. Very good. Very good indeed.

The Bad
Well, I'm awake before 6 a.m. typing this to you. And I suppose my son being and "odd ball" (Ha! Get it?) isn't exactly great. And I have to go see my urologist today. Boo to catheters!

The Ugly
The beards on the San Francisco Giants' pitching staff. And my big toes around the nail bed. They just can't quite get used to wearing shoes now after several pregnant months in flip flops.


Wrap It Up Wednesday

Since I let you all in on my bloody travails, I thought I would tell you how the tale ended. As of last Thursday I was still bleeding so I decided to try and "flush" out the remainder of my problem with the little squirt bottle they gave me in the hospital when I had Casey. Nothing happened in the shower after that hot water rinse so I put on a pad and a tampon and we got on the road to Oakland. We stopped after about 2-1/2 hours of driving in Santa Maria for a potty break. When I changed my tampon, I started gushing blood. Here I was in a bathroom of three stalls and I couldn't stop bleeding. I'll spare you the grizzly details but I was in that stall for approximately 45 minutes and there was not one moment that I wasn't bleeding. Mind you, my son is outside with Husband, needing to be breastfed. Foolish new parents that we are, we didn't think we'd need formula and bottles since I had my milk jugs with us. I was soaking through tampon and pad after tampon and pad. I ended up putting one of Casey's diapers on between my chonies and jeans in addition to a tampon and a pad in order to clench my legs together like steel vices to waddle out to the Tahoe to feed him. While I was in that stall, I was on the phone with the L&D nurse at CMH. She's telling me to find my uterus, that it would feel like a softball. All I could feel was my stomach and I was thinking to myself "Why in the hell do I need to be doing this?!" All the time I'm on the phone with the nurse, there are women coming and going and washing their hands with the super loud hand dryers. I finally asked her when I should start to panic and she was telling me to get to the ER if I went through a pad in one hour, when I passed a clot the size of a mother lovin' softball, the second over the course of this crazy bathroom stop. After that? NOTHING. The bleeding has stopped. Just as abruptly as this tale of horrors.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Never stop in a Santa Maria Chevron unless you're ready for bloodshed.


Casey Tuesday

  • Casey is 9 weeks old today
  • He was 2 months old on Sunday the 24th
  • Yesterday he weighed in at 12 pounds, 12 ounces
  • He is 24" long
  • He had 4 vaccines yesterday: 1 oral, 2 on the left leg and 1 on the right
  • He scream cried for about 30 minutes when he woke up from his nap because he was so very sad, hurt and scared. This is the first time I've seen actual tears spring from his eyes.
  • His left testicle was swollen so we had to go for an ultrasound this morning. Turns out it's fluid but he may have to go to a urologist to get it drained. Thank God it wasn't a tumor or a cyst. He peed 2 times during the process.
  • Over the 3-day weekend we had a 15-hour round trip drive to and from Oakland where we got to hang out with many friends, 2 other babies and a fetus.
  • He got to experience his very 1st night in a hotel and about 5 diaper changes in the back of the Tahoe where the breeze could blow on his undercarriage. He loves that.


Oakland-bound Haiku Friday

Baby's first road trip
A five-hour drive to the bay
Rain, rain stay away
Friday through Sunday
A "practice run" of travel
Prep us for others
I can't wait to see
BFF, Sasha and Babe
And other homies



The Good:
I work until noon today and then not again until either November 8th or 15th. I have to get my first "bonding' check to figure out that date... I'm very simple. Also good? Getting out of town tomorrow for the weekend. It's been too long since I've been to the bay and since my last visit with BFF. We were both preggers for goodness sake! Now we have wee ones to share!

The Bad:
I'm still rockin' a pad and I'm totally fucking over it EIGHT WEEKS AND TWO DAYS LATER. The tampon might be overkill but it's better safe than sorry I guess. This is really getting in the way of my sex life and I am not having it.

The Ugly:
Currently, the weather takes this title. It's gray and rainy. While I do love this weather, we would like to take Casey to the pumpkin patch today and it will definitely be muddy. Plus, we have a 5-hour drive tomorrow and I'd prefer the roads be dry, thankyouverymuch.


Helping Hand

When I got pregnant, I told my employers pretty much immediately. Hell, I took the pregnancy test in the bathroom here at work and bee-lined from there to my boss's office to tell him. I think I was about 6-weeks at the time. It was the soonest possible moment for the test to detect I was pregnant. Anyway, they had plenty of time to get a replacement for my maternity leave yet decided to procrastinate. My replacement didn't come to start training until 3 weeks before my due date and I left 2 weeks after his arrival. My replacement happens to be my boss's son. I am one of the bosses' daughter so I don't really feel too much nepotism going on here, it's just sort of a family business with loyal employees that have been around for decades.
However, my boss decided that he was going to send his son to China to meet one of our suppliers and take a tour of the plant they have out there. Mind you, I am not due back to work until mid-November. He was sent to China mid-October. I decided to help out so I've been here for about 4 hours a day since last Thursday. What kills me is that his son left quite a mess for me (basically the result of inexperience) and I'm busting my butt trying to clean it all up before I really return. Every time I ask my boss a question about something, he cops a 'tude and says "I already gave this to D." Um, I'm trying to help him out and I don't need the lip. What also chaps my ass is that I've worked here for four and a half years and no one ever once invited me to China. And I'm working when I should be home playing with my nearly two-month old. I guess the bright side is that while I'm not getting paid - lest it interfere with my maternity leave benefits - I am working off a deficit of vacation hours. So at least there's that.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: In the words of the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, "I get no respect."


Casey Tuesday

Casey is 8 weeks old today. He is looking much less like an alien and that really pleases me. I'm not sure where he got those blue eyes but they don't seem to be going anywhere. His hair is almost reddish in the sunlight and neither of those qualities are from his mother. I'm not entirely convinced he's mine but he's definitely his father's son. We know this because of the dimple in his chin. He's doing much better at sleeping through the night. Let me rephrase that. He sleeps for about 7 hours at a time but when he goes to bed at 8, that means he is up at 3. Then he's usually awake for about 2 hours. This makes it a little difficult for the rest of the household who would really like to sleep during the wee dark hours of the morning. This weekend, we will be taking him on his first road trip up to the Bay area where we will hammer out the details of his arranged marriage to BFF's daughter, Sasha, whom he will be meeting for the first time. Not too much has happened developmentally but he is getting very vocal and it makes me laugh. He also kicks all the time and smacks the dangling toys on his play mat that resembles a caterpillar. In the middle of the night when I'm changing his diaper, he smiles at the Eeyore that hangs above his changing table and it melts my heart every time. My son. Tee!


Methergine Monday

So... I've mentioned "the bleeding" here a couple times. About 48 hours after Casey was born I had an episode of bleeding that was pretty epic. I woke up and it looked like someone had cut off the lower half my body. I'm talking horror story proportions of blood. It was awful. I was put on Methergine to help with the clotting and such. Since then, I had been consistently bleeding for seven weeks. Last week I had two episodes of bleeding that were just ridiculous. I'm ok with a period-like flow but I don't need to be gushing onto the floor and through my clothing. So the doctor put me on a second round of Methergine and I hoped for the best. Tomorrow is eight weeks postpartum and I am still bleeding so I said to hell with it and called the doctor. They insisted I come in for an ultrasound and I obeyed. There was a spot that the technician identified as a clot.
The doctor happened to be out delivering a baby so the nurse practitioner came to talk to us. This is the same nurse practitioner that said she thought the doctor would want to induce me because of the high blood pressure I had while I was pregnant. He didn't induce me. Today, she said the doctor would probably want to do a D&C so I left the office super distressed because I didn't want another damn procedure done that I'd have to heal from. I also didn't want to be put under anesthesia or have to cancel my trip to Oakland to see BFF & Co. this weekend. Basically, I just wanted to stop bleeding already.
Well, fool us twice for believing the nurse practitioner of doom and gloom and worse case scenarios. The doctor called and said that it was basically a three-centimeter clot that will eventually pass on its own and until then I just get to be inconvenienced. He didn't want to do a D&C and I didn't want him to. It was a win, win situation. However, I still get to bleed until the damn thing decides it no longer wants to take up residence in my uterus. So in case there are any other new moms that are still bleeding eight weeks (we're talking almost two months, people!) after childbirth, hopefully Google will lead you here and you won't be terrified that you're hemorrhaging. Bleeding should stop after six weeks. If it doesn't, talk to your doctor.


Mid-October Haiku Friday

Casey slept poorly
Husband's here but off to work
I woke up bloody
I'm back to work, too
Thanks to Bossman's poor choices
Such a crappy week
HLP visit
Something to look forward to
A high amongst lows


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good:
Casey slept from 9 to 4 last night and Husband is coming back home today instead of tomorrow.

The Bad:
My maternity leave replacement got sent to China so I'm sort of secretly back at work, half day from today until next Thursday.

The Ugly:
Getting ready for work and getting spit up on with no time to change.


Dog Etiquette

  • You telling me that your dog is a "rescue" does not excuse its bad behavior.
  • Some dogs? Don't deserve to be rescued. They're not people. Some are just inherently bad. I don't care what Cesar Milan tells you.
  • If you have a dog you can't control while it is on a leash, don't take it on a walk.
  • Tiny dogs yap incessantly. Buying another tiny dog does not keep the other tiny dog from yapping, they do so in unison. While you're at work. All day long.
  • Your dog isn't "terrified" after being attacked, you are. The dog senses your mood and responds accordingly.
  • A dog in a stroller? Really?
  • Pick up your dog's shit when you're on a walk. They sell wee rolls of bags that go right on the leash. If you don't, pick up your asshole sign at the nearest exit and wear it proudly.
MORAL OF THIS STORY: I have a well-behaved dog.


Casey Tuesday

Casey is 7-weeks old today. Today is also Day 1 of his dad being back down in San Diego for the week for work so I will be a single mother for 3 whole days and most of Friday. Hopefully that will be easier than it sounds. He has had a couple nights this past week where he has slept a full 8 hours that were simply bliss but mostly he is up every 3. We think he has been going through a growth spurt because if there isn't a boob in his mouth or he isn't asleep, he is a fussy crybaby. Thank goodness he is so cute because those times are pretty trying. The other night when we were putting him in his pajamas he was screeching like a brand new baby and it was just like nails on a chalkboard. Apparently for the exactly 7-week anniversary of his arrival into this world, my body wanted to relive the blood loss I experienced that day at 1 o'clock this morning. Such a pleasure. I will be calling the doctor if this shit doesn't stop soon. But enough about me. In other Casey developments, he has discovered sucking his hand in the most graphic sounding way possible and his poops have been pretty much limited to one epic deuce a day. He is a chatty little man with lots to say and every now and then we are lucky enough to milk a smile out of him. I can't wait until those are a bit more sincere and in response to something other than gas.


Monday Schnippets

  • Husband is off today because of Columbus and that is the only reason I will acknowledge today as a holiday. Discover my ass.
  • Tomorrow, he goes to San Diego for the week. This means it'll just be me and Casey, 24 hours a day until he returns on Friday evening. Pray for me.
  • I have been bleeding for close to 7 weeks and am ready to hang myself. TMI? Maybe. But that's the way it is here.
  • In addition to the bleeding there is cramping. I have resorted to 800 mg of Ibuprofen and 440 mg of Aleve at a time to help with this problem. Does that make me a pill popper? If so, so be it.
  • Did I mention Casey is going through a growth spurt? This means if he isn't sleeping or eating, he is fussing or crying. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • We watched Death at a Funeral over the weekend. Here's a two-word review: Um, no.
  • And finally, something that warrants more than a bullet point on a list: The gay hate crime in the Bronx. What the fuck is wrong with people? How do you have that much hate in your heart in your late teens? Why is there always a fucking plunger involved? When is this shit going to stop already? Gay people are sinners? Take a look at these fucking gang banging wannabe pieces of shit. If it was up to me I'd shoot them all dead. Ignorant assholes. Someone needs to slap their parents and then kick all of their asses. I have never once met a hostile homosexual and have never once felt intimidated or threatened by one. Everyone needs to leave them the hell alone. Amen.


Sleep Haiku Friday

My little Casey
Slept from 9:30 to 5
That's almost 8 hours
After some boob time
He was back down for the count
Asleep again, yo!
So two hours later
He still hasn't woken up
I can't be more pleased


Inspired by BFF

The Good:
The concert we went to last night. Not only did Maroon 5 prove themselves to be quite the live entertainment, but One Republic proved to us they weren't just emo one-hit wonders. Also? I managed to get a solid buzz on after a mere 2 beers in a row. Solid. And? It didn't rain a drop!

The Bad:
Apparently my son's nighttime behavior wasn't quite what Grandma had expected when she agreed to watch Casey last night while Husband and I went on our first real date since he was born. He had a 4-hour stretch of crying and general shenanigans... basically what his dad and I get to deal with pretty much every day.

The Ugly:
Some of the newborns we've seen pictures of lately. Lord almighty.
Also? How engorged one's boobs can get after 6 hours away from one's baby and 3 beers. Ha!


Rain, Rain Go Away

Tonight we have tickets to see Maroon 5 at the Santa Barbara Bowl. On the tickets it says "Rain or Shine." It is an outdoor venue. It has been raining for days but it has stopped for the time being. There is a 30% chance of showers early this evening. The show starts at 6. Looks like we're going to have to break out the raincoats, galoshes and umbrellas, people. Please cross your fingers for us.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: It really does rain in Southern California.


Happy Birthday, Husband

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my husband/baby daddy a very happy 36th birthday. While we may have gone from husband and wife to parents and we're still adjusting to this transition, you are and always will be the love of my life. Every time I see you with our son, my heart just swells with love and pride. You took to being a dad like a fish takes to water, like it was second nature to you, like it was what you were born to do. I look forward to celebrating your birthday with you for many years to come and I vow to you, here and now, that I will eventually make you an angel food cake with butter cream frosting for your birthday... just not with a 6-week old hindering my attempts. I LOVE YOU, PAPABEAR!

Casey Tuesday

My son is 6 weeks old today. What a milestone. He's cooing and seems to be perfecting the art of being all-around adorable. He has also gone from hardly crying at all to crying like it is his job. There are days when I can't figure out if he wants to be up or down, eating or sleeping... it's like he's a little puzzle. Man, talk about eating. I'm pretty sure my boobies are no longer a part of me, just an extension of his mouth. Luckily, he is sleeping longer periods of time in the night so I'm not walking around like some drunken, sleep-deprived zombie. He has already outgrown his newborn clothes and has moved on to the onesies that are for 3-month old babies. He holds his head up during tummy time and I swear we are close to a roll-over. He loves to curl his fingers around his hair and ball them into a little fist and pull those lovely locks until he cries. Silly Casey. I just can't love him any more than I do. Check out that chin dimple. I mean really.


Hello, October Haiku Friday

Autumn has arrived
Even the air smells different
The weather crisper
Halloween this month
First trick or treat for Casey,
Pumpkin patch visit
I sure love this month
And can't wait to decorate
Hooray for spooky