We Have HBO Now

Since Casey's arrival, we spend more time at home so we spend more time in the house in front of the boob tube than I am really comfortable admitting. I decided to pay $8 a month extra for HBO since they play way better movies than we are getting for free on Showtime and The Movie Channel. Plus we really like Eastbound & Down because it is absolutely hilarious. This is too much information, I'm sure, but I'm basically setting things up so you understand how I got sucked into a movie I never would have watched otherwise: Changeling starring Angelina Jolie and the undeniable John Malkovich. This is also a Clint Eastwood film and I really consider him a fine filmmaker. Did you know Changeling is based on true events that occurred in Los Angeles in the late 1920s? I didn't but I can assure you that said events blew my mind and totally upset me. Jolie's son is abducted and the LAPD tries to play off another kid as hers months later. She obviously knows the boy isn't her son and when she tries to say as much, she ends up thrown in a lunatic asylum. Say what?! I was absolutely outraged and got way too emotionally invested in this tragic tale of police corruption. I don't know that I recommend the movie, per se, but I will say that it will stun you that something like this actually happened in real life. And at the risk of sounding catty, Angelina Jolie is not easy on the eyes. She needs to gain about 50 pounds and get her lips out of my face. Love, Randi.


Coodence said...

"At the risk of sounding catty..."


April said...

I actually got sucked into that movie by chance, too. I found it to be VERY SLOOOOOOW at times, but not slow enough to change the channel. I agree with your sentiments of the movie. I was shocked, sad, and angry all at the same time.