Rom-Com Movie Review Monday

I got to go out on a shopping trip all by my lonesome... well, with baby and Grandma in tow... to Target and Date Night was all of $16.99 so I bought it. How can you go wrong with Tina Fey and Steve Carell, two of my Must See TV Thursday night favorites? Andrea came out to visit us on Friday to shoot the baby (a.k.a. take pictures of) and so we watched this when she arrived. We, Husband included, all had some laughs together. I really like the cheesiness of this movie and the way that both Fey and Carell deliver their lines. Sure, you have to suspend belief A LOT but it is a fun ride nonetheless. As a married parent who is getting used to some of the monotony of it all - as pleasant as it can be - I could relate to a lot of it. Mostly though, I just got to enjoy some mindless fun and laughter.

And since one good romantic comedy deserves we cracked open the Netflix delivery of The Proposal. I'd heard good things about it and threw it on our queue to give us a reprieve from all the hoity toity, independent Oscar garbage we'd been watching. I have to admit, this genre of movie isn't necessarily one of my favorites but I loved this movie. Everyone in it was great (especially Betty White) and I laughed and cried and really rooted for these two crazy kids in love. I also wanted to go back to Alaska after watching it. And want a little white Samoyed puppy, too.

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hotdrwife said...

My stupid rental ran out on the Date Night movie before I could see the ending - so I still don't know what happened - but I was laughing!! And I laughed my ASS OFF at The Proposal. Yay for mindless fun!